Broncho, Psycho Comedy, God On My Right: The Magnet, Liverpool


Broncho at The Magnet

As Broncho brought their steamy reverb-soaked new album to The Magnet, Getintothis’ Guy Murphy finds that their slack time-keeping served to make the night all the more exciting.

Descending the stairs into the seedily lit basement of The Magnet slightly later than planned, we managed to catch the final two songs of electronic duo God On My Right. There is a lot of chatter about this band at the moment and it’s easy to see why as their powerful industrial sound reverberates around the room.  Atmospheric and exciting, God On My Right are onto something and it will be interesting to see where it leads to.

On next is another much hyped Liverpool band, Psycho Comedy, who instantly command the attention of the room before so much as a note has been played. Front man, Shaun Powell, is as distinctive a character as you will see as he paces around the stage, guitar in hand, screaming their name for those who don’t know, yet. The band offer gritty rock n roll at its finest and the grooves are powered by an impressive rhythm section. Just as it seems their set has been cut short due to time running over, we are treated to one final song and the imposing figure of Matthew Thomas returns to the stage to add his Mark E Smith style poetic punk vocals to the mix.

Around 30 minutes later than scheduled Oklahoma natives, Broncho, arrive on stage to a suitably apt ’80s soundtrack. Opening with the debut single, Fantasy Boys, from their latest LP, Double Vanity¸ the band are victims to poor sound. The heavily reverbed fuzzy guitars drown out the vocals and many of the new songs, including their latest single, Señora Boreallis, struggle to have the impact they do on record. It’s annoying as the strutting, snarling power of the song is loud and clear but missing the distinctive vocals of lead singer, Ryan Lindsey.  The sound does improve as the set moves on and the more punchy songs from the band’s second album, Just Enough Hip to be Women, don’t seem to suffer.

God On My Right were included in our best new acts of 2016 – see which others of the new breed you should be looking out for here.

As the gig edges towards its curfew it’s clear the band are running way behind on their set list and the speed of the songs increases to a Ramonesesque pace, transforming the gig. Suddenly there is an aggression in the air and the audience respond. The band are tight as they race through tracks, such as NC-17 and the aptly named, Speed Demon, and a night which had the potential to drift along is invigorated. Closing with 2014 indie anthem, Class Historian, the gig reaches its crescendo and it seems that everyone in the room is just about keeping the pace with the song’s catchy dah-dah-do-do-do-do vocal hook.

It’s a shame that the sound didn’t allow Broncho’s latest singles to have the impact they do on record but it’s clear that the crowd and the band enjoyed themselves regardless.

Photos by Getintothis’ Lucy Mclachlan





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