Dream Wife, Pink Kink, Sea Witches, Whitecliff at Liverpool Music Week: Arts Club, Liverpool

Dream Wife

Dream Wife

Dream Wife play a debut set at the Arts Club Loft for Liverpool Music Week. Getintothis’ Lorna Dougherty had the pleasure.

As Dream Wife said themselves it was their first time performing in Liverpool, and they did not disappoint. Icelandic lead singer Rakel says how they “have been writing their debut all summer” and “they are going to practice it for us,” and if it listens anything like their live performance, we shall be in for a treat.

First support of the night came from quintet Whitecliff. It’s always hard being the first band to perform, not only do they have the pressure of opening the night, but often faced with a smaller crowd. However, if they did feel any nerves it was not shown; the lead singer had the sassiest stage presence, dancing and singing as if it were his bedroom and the mic was a brush. The indie lads are very similar to new band on the block Vitamin mixed with a hint of The 1975.

Second on was Sea Witches, a four piece with female lead singer. For us, and most of the crowd, they felt hard to connect to in anyway possible. There was no crowd interaction, not even an introduction; genuinely more than half the crowd wouldn’t even know their name. Their set consisted of 3 songs. “THREE?” you say, confused. Yes, 3, really, really long songs. The crowd seemed to clap out of excitement for the song finishing, rather than approval. For us, they just tried too hard to be alternative, and sounding like a BTEC Bjork with whingeing ballads.

Main support came from young LIPA stars Pink Kink. The band, consisting of 4 snazzy feminists and Ron Weasly playing lead guitar, formed at LIPA last year As the members are all from different parts of Europe the band has an extra bit of something that each member brings to the party; that is something special to see live. Starting off their set with two of the members playing a kazoo it didn’t matter what followed – we loved them.

Covered in glitter and fish nets, and all things 80’s, they reminded us of The Shangri La’s crossed with the crazy 5,6,7,8’s laced with a bit of Eurovision cheese and topped off with some old school punk. What a set! A particular favourite of the night would be the song dedicated to Donald Trump, it is impossible not smile whilst watching these youngsters; their energy is infatuating.

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Finally, to finish the night is 3 piece Dream Wife. The 3 girls played a foot tapping, head bobbing hair shaking alt rock set – not something you would except when looking at the lead singer. But unconvention is most welcomed here, there is nothing more satisfying than a pleasant surprise,

Rakel played the whole set with an endearing smile on her face, well it was endearing until she kept smiling as they played FUU and sung the lyrics “I wanna cut you up. I wanna fuck you up” Then it became slightly sinister. By the time they mixed in Spice girlsWannabe. We were knee deep in irony, and head over heels.

Their switch of tempo from slowish indie to rock by playing faster paced drums phills, was something magical; 2 in 1; bingo.

They ended their set on song Hey Heartbreaker which the audience loved and were singing back to the band by the second chorus; including by support act Pink Kink who’s dancing and singing could motivate anyone to join in.

LMW did not disappoint, a wonderful night for music and for women and big things are expected from those who brought the goods.

Photos by Getintothis’ Keith Ainsworth