King Creosote, Modern Studies: Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool


King Creosote onstage at the Phil

With the Scottish folkie bringing a new album to town, Getintothis’ Edward Feery sees King Creosote conquer the Phil crowd

There can’t be many spaces in Liverpool with the gravitas of the Philharmonic Hall – it’s not just a big space, but a serious space.

Support Modern Studies seem a bit nervy as they launch into their brief set. It’s not that surprising – as they admit after their opening number, tonight’s audience is “already more people than we’ve ever played to – collectively!”

The admission seems to unburden them, and as they relax their music unfurls into a gorgeous droney dream-folk with gossamer four-part harmonies.

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King Creosote’s backing band file onstage bit-by-bit, clad in outfits that suggest adults dressing up as children dressing up as spacemen. They kick off with a slow-building You Just Want, the opening track of new album Astronaut Meets Appleman.

About five songs in, King Creosote asks: “any girls remember how to dance?”

Someone in the audience shoots back: “what about the boys?”

Anderson visibly ponders for a moment, then replies: “…Yeah, what about the boys?”

He then dives into the audience, grabs his (fortunately willing) heckler, and takes him down the front for a waltz as the band plays on.

The night never looks back; King Creosote hammers through most of the album and a few crowd favourites, including a version of Missionary expertly bluffed by the band.

After two separate standing ovations, they end with Homeboy; Anderson tells the crowd “You’ve been the best night of the tour… Safe home, boys and girls.”

Photos by Getintothis’ Keith Ainsworth