Introducing: Sea Read, Neil Noa, Milo Tain

Sea Read

Sea Read

To take your mind off things for a bit while the world descends into madness, Getintothis’ Adam Lowerson has three boss new artists to get down your listen holes. 

Waking up each morning, checking your phone and seeing what utterly terrifying thing Donald Trump has said or done over in America through the night is becoming increasingly wearing. It’s hardly even surprising anymore. The natural response has turned from anger into a sad kind of acceptance that we’re all fucked.

The message from Merseyside songwriter Sea Read is hardly encouraging either. The World is Ending is the name of his latest release, and although it isn’t exactly optimistic in telling us “If you’ve got some money then you may as well spend it, ’cause the world is running out of luck“, it is a great tune and worthy of your time.

With the production giving it a DIY feel, the frantically strummed guitars and languid melodies make for a boss slacker rock sound, and at just a minute and a half long, it hurtles towards its end faster than the USA.

Neil Noa

Neil Noa

Neil Noa, another rising talent from Liverpool, certainly helps to lighten the mood with his delicate, soulful pop sound. Having been shortlisted for the Glastonbury Emerging Talent competition for his track Forever Gone, the singer songwriter has now released his debut EP, The Last First One. And it’s bloody lovely.

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With stripped back, acoustic tracks such as Same Placed Heart, and electronic, RnB pulsed songs like the aforementioned Forever Gone, the EP shows the diversity in Noa‘s sound. But there’s one common denominator throughout, and it’s his smooth, achingly soulful voice, shown off most impressively on the stunning On Repeat. Neil Noa is a serious talent, and one to watch out for.

Milo Tain

Milo Tain

The ultra smooth soul of Milo Tain is sure to be something we’ll be hearing a lot more of in the future, with a sound far more mature than his years. His debut video release, The Look, has a the understated groove of Marvin Gaye‘s Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler), and just oozes cool.

When the saxophone is introduced at the midway point it’s hard not to think of the late great George Michael, and while Tain‘s sound clearly takes influence from music of old, it feels fresh and exciting. It’s a voice that you could listen to for hours and hours on end.