Unknown Pleasures #129 ft. Flying Ibex, The Cosmics, The Velvet Hands

Flying Ibex

Flying Ibex

Returning for another week of hidden gems in Unknown Pleasures, Getintothis’ Lorna Dougherty discovers a try of psych, punk and smooth sounds.

There’s very little more satisfying than discovering three artists that are yet to be listened to by the rest of music lovers.

First we have Flying Ibex, a four piece from South London that have been making music since 2012, but have recently released their single No Matter earlier this year. This alternative, psych-tinged electronic track cleverly plays with synthesised elements to create somewhat of a Tame Impala like sound, however it’s not a million miles away from the ever growing easy listening afro hip-hop genre.

Next we have family trio The Cosmics, who’s sound is far from the current music scene is Birmingham where they’re based. Their debut single Johnny resembles 60s punk like The Undertones or more recently The Strypes, and lead vocalist Erin has hints of Blondie’s Debbie Harry. Despite being so youthful and epitomising everything futuristic their music is as retro as anything.

Lastly we have The Velvet Hands, a band who’s music is as smooth as their name. Similar to before despite being young and fresh, their music has depth beyond their time. When listening to their track Sick of Living, one can’t help but think they’ve heard this track before, not that fact that it is similar to previous tracks, but it is just so catchy it feels like it feels like it should be on an advert or a film track.