C-Two and DJ Acapony announced for new Liverpool grime club night at EBGBS

We Are Grime

We Are Grime

With the rise of UK Grime at an all time high, Getintothis’ Ryan Craig has the lowdown on Liverpool’s first ever weekly Grime night. 

That’s right, down in the basement of Heebie Jeebies, otherwise known as EBGBS, a night of Grime is brewing.

Having grown over the last 15 years from the streets of London to now being one of the dominant genres in the charts, it’s long overdue for Grime fans to have a space to call home. With both local and national Grime acts taking to the stage as well as some incredible DJs, ‘We Are Grime‘ looks to provide a space for the best emerging talent this city has to offer.

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It comes as no surprise seeing as Grime is the single current fastest growing genre there is. Which is a crazy feat when you think about it.

Just as crazy that Liverpool and its history of musical experimentation has never seen a weekly Grime event. Almost every other genre is catered for in one of the many 100’s of music venues of the city and soon Grime will have a perfect home at one of Seel Street’s biggest clubs.

Recently, Heebies’ basement has seen the likes of Charlotte Church, Crazy Town, Cabbage and Blood Red Throne over the last 12 months and it seems only fitting a new genre and new breed of artists get their chance to play.

Taking to the stage includes Getintothis’ favourite, C-Two. Guaranteed to deliver a slice of grimey ferocity along with fellow artist and manager, DJ Acapony. Both of whom have been making waves within the Liverpool grime scene for a little over a while now.

Completing the list of Merseysiders are Mal and Macz.

Mal, full name Mal Lidgett, gained traction with his vicious rhymes and mass collection of Soundcloud tracks, whilst Macz acts as the more fresh faced of the lot.

Each of the above artists eager to prove a point that not only is grime here to stay, but can provide a place in Liverpool’s musically diverse scene.

EBGBS first weekly Grime night launches September 20.

Poster for We Are Grime

Poster for We Are Grime