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Trudy & The Romance

Trudy & The Romance

With top tracks from the land down-under, and another hit from Grammy winning art-rocker, Getintothis’ Matthew Wood compiles more new music for your enjoyment.

Single of the Week

Trudy and the RomanceIs There A Place I Can Go

Pioneers of ‘mutant pop’, top notch trio, Trudy and the Romance hit the spot once again in their latest number, taken from their upcoming 5-track EP, Junkyard Jazz.

Their wondrous blend of 50’s doo wop and raunchy, angular pop is chocked full of even more melody and slick transitions, seeing the band at their most impressive.

Meaty, and suitably romantic riffs combine with the quivering vocal of Oliver Taylor, largely reminiscent of Orlando Weeks of former Maccabees fame, and the rich ensemble of backing voices.

Wesley Fuller – Somebody To Walk Around With

Flying the flag for 70’s glam down-under, Wesley Fuller returns with Somebody To Walk Around With, in which he crashes a game of Aussie-rules football with a pooch for a companion.

He intertwines the ever so familiar with hefty chugs of rhythm guitar straight from a T-Rex record, with his well blended vocal and polishes his tracks with a contemporary sheen, sounding both vintage but not lost in sheer nostalgia.

Slaughter Beach, Dog – Fish Fry

Slaughter Beach, Dog aka Jake Ewald from Philadelphia pop punk outfit, Modern Baseball announces his new record, Birdie on Lame-O Records.

Fish Fry is finely crafted, tinged with those punk-pop/emo elements that Ewald is well known for, but driven by earthy, organic chords and riffs recalling the work of Phil Elverum (Mount Eerie). Ewald paints vivid images of youth and love with his clever, sentimental wordplay; a master of his craft and a personal account you can’t help but invest in.

 Teen Daze – Echoes

The first track from Jamison Isaak’s fifth LP, Themes For A New Earth, coming November 10 on his label, FLORA.

Isaak veers away from his previous more pop-orientated outing and returns to his love for the ambient and instrumental. Echoes is built on sublime, ghostly layers of synth with timid lead melodies and a beautiful twinkle that fluctuates with vibrancy throughout.

Isaak’s work lives in close partnership with nature and his tracks make perfect accomplices for those crisp autumnal walks, trust me.

St. VincentLos Ageless

Taken from her latest record, MASSEDUCTION out October 13, Los Ageless follows suit with word-play and marks a real punchy opener to Annie Clark’s 2017 account.

Slick, arpeggiated chords link with a dark, industrial synth riff; packed with sass and attitude before Clark says a word. Depicting the endless pull of Los Angeles and the crash of the ocean, the track’s mighty chorus roars with pulsing synths and Clark’s seductive vocal.

She hits Manchester Academy on October 18 for her FEAR THE FUTURE tour.

Strange Collective, Ohmns, RongoRongo and more: Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool

David West with TeardropsCherry on Willow

Another helping of Aussie-glam for you here via David West with Teardrops, brimming with T-Rex inspired grooves and crafted for strutting in your Cuban heels to, West may just steal Wesley Fuller’s thunder here.

His sweet, boyish vocal recalls that of the Davies brothers of The Kinks as his vocal hops playfully along on the track’s lead riff. Flanged guitar joins the glam-rock charge and the track really get stomping, before a shimmering, obligatory solo leads to a classic finish.

Perhaps not the most original, but what is these days? Throw on some flares and hit the dance-floor!

The HorrorsWeighed Down

The Horrors’ new album is shaping up to be a real beauty, harnessing the darkest depths of industrial electronica and retaining their astounding psychedelic presence, Weighed Down is another taster of the quintet returning to their absolute best.

The mighty ballad travels on many layers; a meaty rhythm section, Faris Badwan’s distinct croon and electronic flourishes that always propel the band to exciting new levels.

Further good news! Joshua Hayward’s genius is ever-present and his ineffably powerful guitar effects take this one to the levels only truly explored by the likes of My Bloody Valentine, and his latest pedal has been forged in the depths of hell by the sounds of it; the finished product is quite unreal.

Wesley GonzalezIn Amsterdam

The fourth single release from Wesley Gonzalez’s debut solo album, Excellent Musician, the ex-Let’s Wrestle man is enjoying his new found freedom producing idiosyncratic pop tunes.

In Amsterdam is a catchy, kaleidoscopic number filmed in Ibiza with Gonzalez mixing it with the orange-tanned, hench holiday makers with hilarious consequences, check it.