Singles Club #181

Kurt Vile

Kurt Vile

In this edition of Singles Club, Getintothis’ Matthew Wood reveals the rumble from the Skelly studios, plus more magnificent work from one of Merseyside’s favourite duos.

Single of the Week 

Kurt VileLoading Zones

Kurt Vile has been somewhat ubiquitous of late since his partnering up with grunge favourite Courtney Barnett but this is in fact his first solo output since 2015.

Cruising through Philadelphia, evading traffic wardens and parking where ever the hell he wants, Vile takes us on a trip through his town to a track that is going to tick all the boxes for existing Vile fans.

His method of weaving intricate melodies and syllabic utterances is at its finest here, and the track hums with a warm energy provided by such gorgeous guitar work; it’s quintessentially Kurt so for those of you hoping for something outlandish, you may be a tad disappointed. For you Kurt Vile purists out there, this i’m sure will go down a treat.  It’s true, – he is yet to write a bad song to date.

Her’sUnder Wraps 

We’re super excited that Her’s debut LP Invitation to Her’s shall be born unto the world come August 24, and this marks their fourth and final single from the record.

A dynamic duo to say the least, Under Wraps is everything we’ve come to love from Her’s; a crisp, punchy drum beat, hazy, dreamy guitar work and bass lines that add an irresistible buoyancy and groove without fail.

Take a lengthy, languid stroll with Her’s before summer says it’s final goodbyes, you won’t regret it.

Justus Proffit & Jay SomNothing’s Changed

A neat alt-pop track for you here, reminiscent of Real Estate, Beulah and other members of Elephant 6 due to its organic feel and sentimental touch.

Liverpool’s Grand Central Hall ready for new gig season as new promoters take charge

Lo-fi production gives this a crunch like boots over crisp autumn leaves, and Justus Proffit & LA bedroom recorder Melina Duterte aka Jay Som prove a delightful partnership.

Jubilant blasts of horn mark a fitting finale, tight, beautiful and understated.

Blood Orange feat. A$AP Rocky and Project PatChewing Gum

Taken from Blood Orange’s upcoming record Negro Swan, the UK-born New York dweller Dev Hynes is joined by two huge names in hip hop: A$AP Rocky and Project Pat.

The album’s outlook is a hopeful one, despite tracing themes of black depression, and anxieties shared by minority groups, Hynes has stated he hopes to illuminate the lives of fans who are currently living in darkness.

Minimalist and spacious, Hynes lays down a solid 90’s hip hop beat whilst vocal samples and breathy synth chords ebb and flow before his distinct vocal emerges “tell me what you want from me“, he pleads.

The arrival of A$AP becomes the pinnacle of the track, delivering a slick, melodic verse just before we could get bored of Hynes‘ hook.

She Drew The GunResister 

James Skelly and the Skeleton Key Records team are brewing up another belting album which could rocket She Drew The Gun to deserved stardom.

Their latest record, Revolution Of Mind will join us on October 5 and if this, their lead single is anything to go by, it’ll be one to remember.

Resister is a fuzzed-out number that rumbles with pounding floor toms, dark chugs of guitar and symphonic synths as lead vocalist Louisa Roach is in fine form once again with her supremely versatile and already iconic vocal work.




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