Immix Ensemble, Jonathan Hering, Laura Cannell, Daniel Thorne, Ella Finer: Tate Gallery, Liverpool


Laura Cannell, Ella Finer, Immix Ensemble

Immix Ensemble gave an innovative and provocative show at Liverpool’s Tate Gallery and Getintothis’ Geraint Rhys was there for the experience.

For those who do not tend to frequent art galleries for their weekly dose of music, the best way to describe each performance was akin to listening to soundtracks without the visuals.

The evening began with Daniel Thorne, a member of Immix Ensemble playing a short new piece, so new that he decided last minute to name it Can you feel the love tonight?. The combination of violin and saxophone however was less Lion King and more There Will Be Blood. Challenging and unnerving but leaving you wanting to hear more.

Next was Jonathan Hering who filled the room with a harmony of voices, which was a fitting way to play the space. Think Gregorian monks chanting to a murder scene in a Nordic noir film and you have the right vibe.

The 1975 new album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships – on first listen

The final performance INTONE was curated by Laura Cannell and Ella Finer in collaboration with the Immix Ensemble. Composed from an instructional text score, translated into eight languages and transcribed for instruments the piece takes its starting point from ancient and modern methods of composition.

Each musician was in unison and disciplined. The music, a perfect complement to the different languages being played from a crackling turntable at the back of the room.

It felt nostalgic but modern and with each sound bouncing off each other as though in a dream scape conjured in the mind of Michel Gondry.

Overall the collective managed to achieve their aim of collaborations with innovative musical voices and provided a night which provoked as well as challenged.





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