Liverpool’s Cavern Quarter and Williamson Square redevelopment picks up pace


Liverpool’s Cavern Quarter and Williamson Square area is the latest to be the subject of a Strategic Regeneration Framework, Getintothis’ Chris Flack reports on the latest cultural developments.

In a week that has seen much interest in the Baltic Triangle Masterplan, Liverpool City Council has announced that it has commissioned Planit-IE to work on a much loved and sadly untidy part of the city.

The plan is to develop a vision and action plan to secure the future of the Cavern Quarter and Williamson Square and to ensure that developments in the future are sensitive and the area prospers.

According to the blurb, the aim is to “reveal their true identity, improve their offer, attract investment and strengthen the linkages, both physical and cultural, between these two seemingly disassociated landmarks and the wider city“.

To us, that sounds a little like a continuation of previous ideas (PDF) and reminiscent of other things.

Planit-IE and the Council are working to produce a Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF).  This is in effect a planning strategy which will help Liverpool City Council guide the type and change of development that comes forward in future years.

The SRF will be used as an overarching blueprint to underpin the vision for the Square and Quarter. To date, the council, along with Planit-IE have been engaging with stakeholders in the area to get a sense of what is needed on the ground.

Conversations have taken place with business owners, tour operators, cultural icons and with people in the area with first-hand experience of the area’s past, present and future.

Their plan now is to begin engaging with the wider community. Planit-IE has said that they are working through the SRF with “a holistic and collaborative approach to the evolution” of the area and they are inviting interested parties to go along to a Symposium.

This event will be designed to inform participants of what conversations have taken place so far and what their learning has been to date, share information on the SRF as it stands and to learn and provoke conversation with participants and interested parties.

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As with the Baltic Triangle Masterplan, this is an opportunity for those people with a vested interest in the area to get involved to guide and shape this blueprint Cavern Quarter and Williamson Square.

The event will take place in the Epstein Theatre on January 24 from 4pm to 7pm.  Participants should expect interdisciplinary talks, debates, and discussions around the themes of planning, music, tourism, public realm, health, and DIY attitudes.  These conversations will form the SRF and explore how the various elements can have an impact on the future of the Cavern Quarter and Williamson Square.