13 Questions with TRACKY



With his new single released this week, local pop projector TRACKY is on the upward trajectory, so Getintothis’ Simon Kirk subjected him to 13 questions.

TRACKY is arguably the most enthusiastic person this writer has ever had the pleasure of knowing. Always smiling, always hugging someone. A bundle of energy that can’t sit still for five minutes.

However, it’s not that energy which makes others feel uncomfortable. It feels like an unbridled form of Scouse energy and – sorry in advance – it’s fuckin’ boss!

TRACKY‘s music can only be described a distorted odyssey. A self confessed pop aficionado, TRACKY‘s live show is a wild concoction of drum machines, synths and lyrical satire that cuts deeper than your average pop star. While TRACKY‘s liberal pearly grin might seem cute and cuddly, there’s more at play here with the Ormskirk native. He has a message that runs far deeper than his playful exterior.

In his own words, TRACKY‘s music forms a brand of “old school ghetto blaster pop“. If ever there was a mutant messenger ready to infiltrate Radio One then TRACKY is a worthy candidate. His music projects an aesthetic not dissimilar to the Sleaford Mods but sugar-coated in pop genius.

Make no mistake, his songs are ready to slither through the ears of nine-to-fivers commuting to work.

His new song, Boys In Black, is released this week and it’s very TRACKY. The ditty is filled with zany bleeps, funk infused guitar jangle and a catchy melody with TRACKY singing “Where you from, where did you put that accent on?” You can listen to Boys In Black below.

It’s the kind of track that those aforementioned nine-to-fivers will digest then storm through the office doors thinking they’ve just enjoyed their morning coffee. TRACKY – the substitute for morning caffeine and it works. Free of charge.

With the release of Boys In Black, not to mention TRACKY‘s inclusion at our Deep Cuts event this Thursday along with a performance Sound City on Saturday, we put Ormskirk’s favourite son to task with 13 questions:

1. Where are you and what are you doing?

“I’m sat in my mates studio; Match Of The Day is on and I’m finishing off editing the Boys In Black music video.

2. How is that working out?

“Tunes are sounding sick, video is looking sick, and I’m buzzing for my single launch at Jacaranda Phase One this Thursday!”

3. What is your favourite film?

Forest Gump. What a film. Ping pong champion and he’s on the Dick Cavett show with John Lennon and he’s not even arsed.”

4. What was the first gig you went to?

Oasis at the City Of Manchester Stadium.”

5. Recommend one band or album that you think we should check out.

Late Of The Pier – Fantasy Black Channel.”

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6. What’s your first memory?

Getting stung by a bee on a beach.”

7. What is your favourite view?

“Everton at Goodison Park.”

8. Tell us the most you’ve ever spent on a round of drinks.

“Not that much, probably about £40.”

9. What was the first record you bought with your own money?

“Toploader – Dancing In The Moonlight. What a tune.”

10. What is the last gig you went to?

Steely Dan at the Manchester Arena. They were so sick.”

11. What would be your final meal if you were on Death Row?

“A dead hot veggie curry. Probably a Madras.”

12. What’s your guilty listening pleasure?

Justin Bieber.

13. Tell us a secret.

“My first gig was actually the Spice Girls at the Don Valley Bowl in Sheffield. I don’t remember much of it but I was definitely there.”

TRACKY‘s debut single, Boys In Black is out this Thursday and you can now listen exclusively below. TRACKY also plays Jacaranda Phase One this Thursday at Getintothis’ Deep Cuts event.





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