Yammerer release Donnay Death Housing Cryssis for Record Store Day 2019 – exclusive listen


Yammerer’s Donnay Death Housing Cryssis out for Record Store Day 2019

Yammerer release their first new studio music, Getintothis’ Peter Guy on a vital and visceral statement of intent.

These are grim and testing times – and there’s a clutch of musicians willing to reflect the onslaught facing millions of people in the UK.

Whatever your take on the musical output of Fontaines D.C., Idles, Sleaford Mods, Eyesore and the Jinx et al, it’s satisfying – if brutally poignant – that there are artists willing to reflect the utter abomination that is this island that we call home.

Charisma is exquisite manipulation, and money is a sandpit of the soul,’ sings FontainesGrian Chatten and we’re pretty sure these sentiments are echoed by another rising sociopolitical Liverpool-based collective Yammerer.

Those that frequent the sweat dungeons of Liverpool’s live circuit will be well acquainted with Yammerer‘s ferocious live appeal.

A glorious maelstrom of kinetic energy courtesy of talismanic vocalist, Jason fronting a band who specialise in rampaging noise underpinned by post-punk-krautrock rifferama.

Much of the time they sound of the brink of collapse but always rescue proceedings with infectious waves of scratchy hooks and Jason‘s barking yelps.

Finally, they’ve unveiled new studio recordings, and we’re delighted to present them below ahead of their official release for Record Store Day 2019.

Recorded and produced in as near to a live setting as possible, Donnay Death Housing Cryssis is a fizzing, metallic testament to a band who revel in acerbic steely noise and spit cantankerous, venom-laden slogans at societies ills.

The two track offering features the spiky dissonance of Life In The New Build (complete with a gloriously nasty solo) and A-side 50HB which kicks off with the line, ‘house is a shithole, and I will watch it burn to the ground,’ before building into a Fall inspired death disco boogie.

From our conception as a band we have always known that our strength lay in our live energy and so, from the off, capturing the genesis of a song was of paramount importance to us and so we never play together unless tape is rolling,” guitarist Garvan Cosgrove tells Getintothis.

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From hundreds of hours of sweaty and cold, furious and chilled, transcendent and gutter-croaking sessions in our studio ‘Docklands Speed Shop’, we offer 2 resplendent moments of inception that became the duo of ‘50HB’ and ‘Life in the New Build’ which we have name ‘Donnay Death Housing Cryssis’.

We hope these tracks will be welcomed in the spirit they were made, that is as fleeting glimpse of moments in time, seen through a filthy and primitive audio-phonic lens by a bunch of bad mechanics.”

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  • Donnay Death Housing Cryssis is released on cassette for Record Store Day 2019 on Saturday April 13.