Game of Thrones finale: what to expect as the biggest show comes to an end


Daenerys Targaryen pre-bells

The biggest show on television is about to end, so Getintothis’ Nathan Scally attempts to predict what might happen to end its most wild season yet.



For those who haven’t read the books, the first five Seasons were full of twists and turns. Killing the main character, Ned Stark, in the first season. The Red Wedding. Jon Snow’s death.

Then came Season 6, D&D had the outline of an ending, but no source material for the finer details and suddenly every viewer was on an even playing field. We had a general idea of where we were going, but no one really knew what was going to happen.

And that’s never been more evident than the last few weeks.

Not many would’ve guessed Arya to be the one to end The Night King; or Jaime and Brienne to go all the way, Bronn threaten to kill Jaime and the stupidest Lannister to still go back Cersei; or Dany (who came to rid the world of tyrants) would burn Kings Landing to the ground along with hundreds of thousands of innocents.

The last point in particular has proved to be quite the divisive moment among fans – many claiming we all should’ve seen this coming – and the rest saying nothing was done to set it up.

Tyrion Lannister and the hole in the wall

But what if both are wrong and right at the same time?

There’s been a number of times Daenerys has shown signs of being a typical Targaryen.

She’s burnt a few people along her way to Westeros: Mirri Maz Dur in Season 1, the warlock in Season 2 and master Kraznyz in Season 3. This all leads back to the very beginning and have one thing in common, they were enemies. So we know she has the resolve to vanquish those who oppose her.

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It’s been a growing tendency that’s all of sudden turned into mass murder.

Timing is the issue.

She’s lost a lot over the last two seasons. Rhaegal and Viserion are gone, Ser JorahMissandei, half of her army and now her nephew lover along with her claim to the throne. It’s an astronomical amount to lose but there’s been no sign of her wanting to decimate a city to take it back.

Had her trials and tribulations been fleshed out in a full season or two, maybe we’d really understand why so many had to die. But its too late for that now.

Kings Landing post-Drogon

We’ve spoke so much about this as it’s likely to be the central theme surrounding the next episode. The aftermath of this devastation is going to lead to a lot of desperation. Tyrion, Jon and Arya are all utterly horrified at what they’ve seen and it could drive them to make Dany’s reign a short one.

To squeeze that and rounding off this story in hole will make the next 80 minutes of television a dense one, with a slew of characters set to feature.

We might even see those in the North again, called to pledge their fealty to their new Queen.

It’s near impossible to predict how the culmination of so much TV might round off in one episode after so much has happened. The only thing we can be certain about – if this season is anything to go by – is there’s going to be a lot of complaints.