No Hot Ashes talk debut album launch at Jimmy’s, UK tour and O2 Ritz show


No Hot Ashes

No Hot Ashes have an exciting few months coming up as they prepare to release their debut album, Getintothis’ Amos Wynn caught up with the band’s Isaac and Luigi to get more info.

For the past few years No Hot Ashes have been waiting to make their mark on the music scene.

The Stockport four-piece comprised of Isaac Taylor (lead singer), Luigi Di Vuono (guitar), Jack Walsh (bass) and Matthew Buckley (drums), have released multiple singles and one EP.

On the August 16 the band will release their debut album, Hardship Starship.

Lead singer, Taylor, says that the four-piece are ‘excited’ to bring out their new songs.

We have put a lot of hard work and thought into this album. The weeks recording it was pretty magical for us, and we have been sat on it for six months so we’re excited and f***ing desperate to get it out there.”

Di Vuono adds that it will be a weight off their shoulders once it is released.

We had the time of our lives making it, and it is such a huge milestone for a band to get to this stage, so we are just gagging to release it now.

Taylor says there are a ‘mixed bag’ of emotions ahead of bringing out their first album.

It’s been a long time coming in some way, whilst in others it feels like we’re not ready but we are looking forward to it and it is a mad feeling.”

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Hardship Starship will consist of mostly new songs, apart from one, as the band look to showcase their new and improved material.

Di Vuono says, “because we felt the new stuff was so good, we didn’t want to build up a lot of hype then half of the album was old songs. We saw this whole campaign in 2019 as a new rebrand for us as people and musicians.”

It’s not really worked,” interjects Taylor. “Plans don’t always work but we don’t give a s**t.”

The only old track that features on the album is a new version of 2017 single Bellyaches, which has been included for the fans.

We went in with the intention of doing more old stuff,” states Taylor. “But when it actually came to recording them, they just sounded sh**e compared to the new stuff we were writing.”

We thought we would just stick one on there but the rest is new content, so we are really excited to start gigging it and having fun with it.”

The first two singles from the album, W.Y.N.A and Extra Terrestrial, were released in May and July to give a taste of things to come.

The singer says, “I think the fans are enjoying it and when the full thing comes out hopefully that’s when it’ll kick off properly.”

Di Vuono adds “it will be a slow burner but once people get it I feel that they will love it. The lyrics are very relatable for the people listening.”

The pair admit that the songs included have different meanings to them, ranging from politics to relationships.

Lyrically I didn’t want to go in too hard content wise,” says Taylor. “In the past I have really tried hard with it but it hasn’t got us anywhere, so I thought fuck it and write something a bit simpler.

The singer also says he is only influenced by his Northern surroundings due to the fact of how ‘skint’ he is.

Not Hot Ashes

We have never tried to be Oasis, or any of the bands we watched growing up. Obviously there’ll be an element of influence, my mam and dad loved the Manchester club scene and those bands, but we have got a different path.”

He continues, “We all live in shit terraced houses in the middle of nowhere and it is depressing so it does force us to do something, so there is that element but not so much I’m singing about sun-shiiiiiine.”

The day after Hardship Starship comes out, No Hot Ashes will head on the road for their biggest UK tour, with things kicking off at Jimmy’s in Liverpool (August 17).

We are very excited,” says Taylor. “It is the biggest one we have ever done and we can’t wait to play the new tunes. We’ve never done a big tour like this without having days off but this has consecutive days so I imagine it will be fun.

Di Vuono believes that the bands greatest strength is playing in front of a crowd.

We are a live band, and the best we have reached out to people has been on the road. We have already played the songs live, just to see how they felt- and it was great.”

He continues, “Once us four get in that van it will be just like going on holiday. It’s shit staying at home.”

No Hot Ashes

The four-piece will head up and down the country in the next two months as part of the tour, including dates in Sheffield, Leeds and Glasgow.

As well as that, the band will also play their biggest ever solo-show when they play Manchester’s O2 Ritz on the 27th September.

Taylor exclaims, “It is mad that we are doing it, when we have been going there since we were kids. My dad walked past the venue and took a picture of the poster of us.”

It’s one of those venues you hope you get,” adds Di Vuono.

The guitarist is also looking forward to heading down south, with the band set to play London’s Hoxton Square, amongst other cities on the list.

A Manchester band heading to London has a history of being a bit chaotic and don’t usually go down well, but I think we’ve managed to touch people.”

Meanwhile Taylor is excited about the gigs in Scotland and Ireland, joking “that’s the closest we’ve been to going abroad.”

With a big month ahead of them, No Hot Ashes have plenty to prepare for and will hope for a smooth ride.




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