The Peach Fuzz, Saytr Play, Cascaders: Phase One, Liverpool


The Peach Fuzz

The Peach Fuzz brought their psych glam indie to Liverpool’s Phase One and Getintothis’ Cai Thomas found much to look forward to.

The setting for tonight’s Peach Fuzz gig is Phase One.

Coming here is like walking straight into your cool mate’s inner-city apartment. Decorated with a carefree style, sofas dotted about the edges to lounge on, the vibe in the room tells a tale of how this might just be a special night.

With the welcoming smell of the old-vinyl records that occupy the front room still lingering in the air, on comes Cascaders ready to kick-off a class night.

Following their gig in the Arts Club Loft alongside Monks in April and the release of Raindance, their jangly single, a month later there is a lot of interested surrounding this upcoming Liverpool band.

They did not disappoint, easing us into the night with their bright guitars and ambient synths, a standout early on being the track Cigarette Perfume, sung by lead guitarist Gabe. This was excellently performed and executed – any man who can pull off double-denim deserves our respect.

Gliding through the rest of the set, they looked comfortable and right at home, with a mixture of ages and people in the audience, it was great to see them engage the crowd.

Bringing their enjoyable set to an end, they were greeted with deserved recognition from the audience, guitarist Gabe remarking that he was “happy with how it went, enjoyed it all the way.”

It will be exciting to see where this band goes. We will definitely keep an eye on them.

Next up was Saytr Play, with their pure energy and the draw of their blonde-haired, charismatic frontman, Fred.

With their visually coordinated gothic outfit choices, nothing should be taken away from how immense and confident they all looked.

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Ignoring the fashion gimmick, they offer great pop songs that explored themes of; hooking up with girls, drinking too much and maybe realising its time to call it a night.

Fuelled by Fred’s wild endeavours and adventures into the crowd, with microphone in hand. Songs like Bang Average and Don’t Go East were some of the best put on the table all night.

Describing themselves as Cage the Elephant, Strokes and Catfish & The Bottlemen fans, Fred remarked “leave this week’s problems behind, before getting on stage”, and seamlessly disappeared off into the ether.

With the gig space finally filled out, on came The Peach Fuzz, signed to Skeleton Key Records and with an army of young teenage fans crowding the right side of the stage. Effortlessly they seemed to have the rooms full attention.

Previously described as a ‘psych-glam’ band, with their dreamy melodies and guitar lines, they are often enticing.

Immense track, Dressed In Red was an early favourite, known amongst their eager fans with an almost cult response to its announcement.

It went perfectly with the change in the feel of the room, the stage lighting tenuously dancing along the back wall of the venue, it set a nice mood to really admire and enjoy the rest of the set.

Ending on a highlight, there was a teenage-girl inspired cheer as the new single Pieces was announced. A certified indie banger in the making, it’s a fascinating dip inside the relationship between two people, where you can’t decide if they adore or hate each other.

With the last chord still resonating somewhere in the back of the room, and the onset of the ring in everyone’s ears – you can only wish to see more, definitely keep tabs on this lot.

Images by Getintothis’ Lucy McLachlan




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