Jehnny Beth reveals new single I’m The Man


Jehnny Beth

French singer-songwriter, Jehnny Beth, releases her brand new solo track. Getintothis’ Emilie Clark has a listen.

Previously frontwoman of the rock band Savages, Beth embarks on a different journey, experimenting with a new type of sound.

The new song is part of the Peaky Blinders soundtrack and was debuted in September, in the current series’ fourth episode.

I’m The Man is punchy and chaotic, with a feminist edge that makes you want to shout the lyrics at the top of your lungs in defiance.

There are many layers to the song, with several instruments playing on top of one another; and it is a great success.

She says about the song: “‘I’m The Man’ is an attempted study on humankind, what we define as evil and the inner conflict of morality.

“Because it is much easier to label the people who are clearly tormented by obsessions as monsters than to discern the universal human background which is visible behind them.  

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“However, this song has not even a remote connection with a sociological study, collective psychology, or present politics; It is a poetic work first and foremost. Its aim is to make you feel, not think.” 

While she may have lots of broad musical experience, from collaborating with the likes of Julian Casablancas and Gorillaz to being one half of lo-fi duo John and Jehn; this single is the first work that is exclusively her own.

Jehnny Beth has previously been nominated twice for the Mercury Prize for the Savages albums Silence Yourself and Adore Life, and we’re looking forward to seeing what else she has to offer.