Gil Scott-Heron album given reimagining by Makaya McCraven


Makaya McCraven

Chicago-based jazz musician Makaya McCraven is set to release a reimagining of Gil Scott-Heron’s 2010 album; Getintothis’ Matthew Eland has the details.

It’s been ten years since Gil Scott-Heron, the legendary musician, poet and author, released his final album, I’m New Here.

To celebrate, the acclaimed jazz musician Makaya McCraven will be releasing a radical re-imagining of this album, featuring samples of improvised sessions from new-wave Chicago jazz musicians.

It’s a way of reconnecting Scott-Heron who also had a special affinity with the city of Liverpool with his home town in the USA.

I’m New Here was Scott-Heron‘s first album in 13 years and a departure from his usual sound.

The record incorporated a range of new influences, and was given the tag of being a ‘post-industrial blues album’. However, it also had elements of trip-hop and minimalist electronica.

In tackling the album, McCraven follows in the footsteps of Jamie XX, who also remixed it in 2011.

Quoted as being “one of the most exciting and original voices in modern jazz“, the drummer, producer, band leader and “beat scientist” certainly comes with a pedigree this new one is the latest in a line of critically acclaimed releases.

The first cut from the new record is Where Did The Night Go, which features a sample from the Stephen McCraven Quartet’s Silhouette of Eric.

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We’re New Again will be released on February 7, and the track list is as follows:

1. Special Tribute (Broken Home pt.1)
2. I’m New Here
3. Running
4. Blessed Parents
5. New York is Killing Me
6. The Patch (Broken Home pt.2)
7. People of The Light
8. Being Blessed
9. Where Did the Night Go
10. Lily Scott (Broken Home pt.3)
11. I’ll Take Care of You
12. I’ve Been Me
13. This Can’t Be Real.
14. Piano Player
15. The Crutch
16. Guided (Broken Home pt.4)
17. Certain Bad Things
18. Me and the Devil




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