Nadine Shah announces new album and new video


Nadine Shah

Going from strength to strength, Nadine Shah celebrates the announcement of her fourth album by releasing a new single. Getintothis’ Matty Loughlin has the details.

Nadine Shah has announced details of her upcoming fourth album.

To that end, she has teased fans with the release of a supreme seventies video for its lead single.

Released on 5 June via Infectious Music the album, titled Kitchen Sink is the follow-up to 2017’s widely heralded (and Mercury Music nominated) Holiday Destination.

The release is preceded by the single Ladies for Babies (Goats for Love).

Its accompanying video, which is directed by Matt Cummings, features Shah and Line of Duty/Black Mirror star Craig Parkinson.

Of the track and its striking title, Shah explains:

“My brother was making a comment on sexism when he was younger and made a painting of a man embracing a goat with the phrase “ladies for babies, goats for love”. It always stuck with me, I guess cause it sounded daft but really because even back then I knew its true meaning and intent… [it]is a direct response to ‘All That She Wants’ by Ace of Base. I reversed the gender and I poke fun at a husband who expects nothing more from me, as a wife, than to carry his child and perform the role of the obeying subservient trophy wife. Only this time the mistress is a farmyard animal…”

Liverpool Arts Diary: Badlands, Beethoven and the John Moore Painting Prize – February 2020

Speaking further about the album, Shah details how the body of work is a collection of the stories of women she has known and loved;

“Essentially I’m writing about so many women that I just love. The new mothers, the rock stars, the ones doubting themselves who need our support, the ones who are ill but show an indescribable strength… there’s traditions that were set out years ago of how our lives should be and that has changed completely now and I for one am so proud to be a woman and to be surrounded by even greater ones.”

The album news coincides with the announcement that Shah will appear at the 6Music Festival in London (8th March) and This is Tomorrow in Newcastle (24th May).

The album can be pre-ordered here.

Kitchen Sink artwork by Fraser Taylor

Watch the Ladies for Babies (Goats for Love) video below:

The Kitchen Sink tracklist:

1. Club Cougar
2. Ladies For Babies (Goats For Love)
3. Buckfast
4. Dillydally
5. Trad
6. Kitchen Sink
7. Kite
8. Ukrainian Wine
9. Wasps Nest
10. Walk
11. Prayer Ma