The Lathums interview: Sold out tour, latest single and a growing fan base


The Lathums

With things getting bigger and bigger for Wigan four-piece the Lathums, Getintothis’ Amos Wynn caught up with the band’s singer Alex Moore.

The Lathums have gone from strength to strength in the past 12 months.

The four-piece are currently finishing off a UK tour that has seen them sell out gigs up and down the country.

Getintothis managed to catch up with the Wigan band’s lead singer, Alex Moore, for a quick chat. He admits he enjoys life on the road and getting the opportunity to play in front of a different crowd each night.

It seems natural now to see our names at the top of the bill, but it’s still amazing. I love constantly gigging and seeing lots of different places whilst putting on a good show for people. Getting to play mental gigs that everyone enjoys is a good feeling.

A lot of the venues have been upgraded because so many people wanted tickets.”

Liverpool’s Arts Club was amongst the venues upgraded, due to the high demand for tickets.

It’s a bit strange that people across the country wants to come to see us. Wigan’s not a big place but it seems as if everyone has heard of us and want to watch us.

We did a gig at Gorilla in Manchester last year and that was a sick gig, but it’s kind of the same everywhere, there’s never a dull crowd and it’s always heaving.”

Moore states that the support in their home town has been important for the young four-piece.

It helps to have that backing,” he says. “Obviously Oasis had Manchester and The Beatles had Liverpool getting behind them so this is our equivalent.

I don’t want to use the word gang to describe it , it’s more like a scene. Everyone has been really supportive, the people who are associated just help us anyway they can.”

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Later on this year the band will enjoy a series of big support slots, which will see them warming up for the likes of Blossoms, DMA’S and Paul Weller.

It’s a bit surreal really because it doesn’t happen that much, especially with such a young band who are only just starting.”

Has a taste of playing Arenas given the band a target for themselves looking into the future?

I definitely see it as something to aim for. As we progress the capacity’s will get bigger, but we are just earning our stripes at the moment and working our way up, instead of jumping straight in.”

The band also have a number of festivals booked in for the summer, including Sound City and Neighbourhood Weekender.

At the end of January, The Lathums released their latest single, Fight On, with the band’s vocalist pleased by the feedback.

The response has been amazing, everyone has seemed to love it. We’ve got loads of streams and everyone seems happy. We just want to keep making better tunes in order to get more awareness, but it can only get better from this point.”

Moore admits it means a lot to him that people have an interest in his songs.

They come from personal experiences, I just write my own experiences and people are connecting with them. I’m proud to think that people are connecting with the words and the message, they want to learn more about it.”

The Lathums also boast Scott Concepcion, Ryan Durrans and Jonny Cunliffe in their ranks and came together at college.

Everything just fell into place, we were put into the same group at music college. I’ve always loved singing and making compositions. I just thought I’d be a singer-songwriter but in hindsight it’s better to be in a band.”

Meanwhile the band’s name comes from the location of one of their earliest shows.

Our first gig was in Lathom so we used that because we didn’t have a name. It also creates something to talk about as people don’t know how to pronounce, it so adds more interest.”

Looking towards the future, Moore is excited for what’s to come and believes that the sky is the limit.

The way that it’s going at the moment I don’t know what to expect because it could all go absolutely crazy. We don’t want to put any limits on anything and just take it as it comes. We’ve got studio time booked throughout the year so there is something in the pipeline.




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