Brad Stank shares new single Breathing Like A Baby from ultrasensual debut album


Brad Stank (credit Corey Rid via artist PR)

Liverpool-moulded pop libertine Brad Stank releases second single from forthcoming debut album, Getintothis’ Cai Thomas shares the preview. 

In the run-up to the release of debut album Kinky Om, Brad Stank has released second single Breathing Like a Baby.

The track draws inspiration from the book Wake Up by Jack Kerouac, an interpretation of the story of Buddha, as well as the philosophical teachings of Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Referring to Kerouac‘s retelling, Brad Stank says that Kerouac “describes the stillness and innocence of young Siddhartha meditating as “breathing like a baby”. I just liked the sound of that phrase and I decided to steal it!”

Along with influences from spiritual writings, the song also features Philadelphia rapper Ryshon Jones, who reached out for a collaboration after hearing one of Stank‘s earliest tracks, O.T.D.

Stank shares that “I acquired the insight of Ryshon, whose voice seemed to fit perfectly with the track sonically. His first line is “the centre is the place,” which hit the nail on the head of what I was trying to say.”

Breathing Like a Baby follows Kinky Visitation, the album’s first single, a love ballad released on Valentine’s Day.

The Orielles, Three From Above, Brad Stank, SPILT: Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool

Producer Saam Jafarzadeh has worked on the album, in a creative partnership with Stank that pays tribute to artists ranging from Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield to D’Angelo.

‘Scouse Jazz’ is not a phrase you hear often, but Brad Stank could soon be the one to change that with an album that promises “a vibe of future nostalgia”.  

The album represents a big step for the LIPA-trained artist and one-time drummer for Trudy and the Romance. A couple of years ago Getintothis tipped him in a Deep Cuts column reviewing “soulful and sexy track” Pond Weed. It will be interesting to chart his further ventures into ‘Ultrasensual Bliss‘.

Kinky Om is to be released through Heist or Hit on June 5.

Brad Stank posing for his new album, Kinky OM.

Kinky Om track listing:

1. Kinky Visitation
2. Sat On The Moon
3. Breathing Like A Baby (ft. Ryshon Jones)
4. Ultrasensual Bliss
5. She Was A Tease
6. Stanky Om
7. Ah Hum
8. I Had…
9. Kinky Om