Dream Wife share new single, alongside launch of their own podcast


Dream Wife

Dream Wife have shared their latest single, accompanied by their own podcast, and Getintothis’ Danni King has all the details. 

Following up from the release of lead single Sports, Dream Wife have shared another single, Hasta La Vista.

The London-based punk trio are set to release their album,  So When You Gonna.. on July 3, via Lucky Number, their second studio album since 2018’s self-titled debut  Dream Wife. 

Hasta La Vista has proved to be a hit with fans, following in the popular footsteps of Sports, showing their upcoming album isn’t one to be missed.

But Dream Wife aren’t finished there with their new and upcoming creative projects.

Alongside their two new singles, and their new album, the female-led trio released their first episode of their own podcast on Friday, with the series appropriately named So When You Gonna..

The podcast features one-on-one interviews with friends, collaborators and people from various creative paths, with the hope of inspiring their audience to pursue their own creative interests or try something new.

Well-known for their opinions on the gender gap in the music industry, with their album being produced by a completely female line-up, the first episode fittingly featured their album producer, Marta Salogni. 

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Discussing all things music, with the main feature being Marta’s expertise on getting into the music production business.

Dream Wife also announced other guests to feature in the future, such as fashion designer Paolina Russo, Adele Slater live agent at Paradigm, and Estella Adeyeri, musician and part of Girls Rock UK.

The podcast is available through their Linktree site, whilst Hasta La Vista is out on all listening platforms.