Liverpool city centre reawakens after life on lockdown in 2020


Castle Street

As Liverpool emerges from Lockdown Getintothis’ Billy Vitch has a walk around the city centre to see how things have changed.

As we slowly emerge out of the darkness, a city that feels like it has been asleep for nearly four months shows us that we as a people crave and need the connection of the world around us.

Now, more than we ever thought we did before as we witnessed on a walk around town.

From people shopping again for the things they missed most during lockdown to the people enjoying a beer in the sun with what seems life long lost friends from a different time in our history.

Walking around we got a sense of the loneliness the lockdown had brought to many.

From just observing the joy and deep emotions etched on each person’s face. We sensed that people were intently listening to each other more than usual as they shared their own personal trials and tribulations.

What we did not sense, was the sheer panic, fear and bewilderment of just a few months ago.

We don’t know if this is a good thing as it felt too some extent that we may have thrown caution to the wind and almost given up on believing that there is any risk to us or the people we love by easing lockdown.

But that’s a matter for the Government, after what some would say was a disastrous mismanagement of the situation from day one.

Let’s not blame a nation for behaving exactly as the government has told them to.

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The majority of people in this country are good, kind, caring, considerate and law abiding citizens.

But sadly this takes responsibility from the Government and gives it to the people. Here lies a problem.

As human  beings we are governed by our emotions and some will take unnecessary risks because we have been suffering for so long.

We hope this stroll was a sign of things to come and we come out of this stronger, better, more compassionate and more caring as a nation, but that hope is yet to be seen.

For now we will enjoy the sun and fun and hope we never have to witness a crisis as devastating to a nation and the rest of the world as Covid19 has been.

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Thank you to all our frontline workers for everything you did and are doing because our wander may not have been so relatively normal without the work you did and are doing.

Images by Getintothis’ Billy Vitch, Lucy McLachlan and Sarah Sidwell.