New album releases this week: Coriky, Jehnny Beth, Drab City, The Silver Field and more


Last week saw a swathe of fine releases and they are set to continue as Getintothis’ Simon Kirk earmarks this week’s top new albums.

Another Friday rolls around, folks.

You may think we’re out of things to say, but have no fear, our verbal incontinence remains ever-present.

Last week was a barnstormer for new releases, with Run The Jewels releasing another quality long-player.

So too Modern Nature, who released their lovely second album, Annual, while Muzz – the new project featuring Interpol‘s Paul Banks – very much lived up to the billing and has been on high rotation around these parts for all of this week.

This week doesn’t have as many big names, but the potential for new discoveries is alive and kicking, starting with Ian MacKaye‘s new band, Coriky, who finally release their self-titled debut album.

Of course, there’s plenty more but we won’t spoil it for you.

Lastly, our playlist is back up and running after some technical difficulties over the past couple of weeks. We will keep updating this for you weekly.

For now, it’s happy Friday and enjoy your weekend.

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Coriky (Photo credit: via the artist’s Bandcamp page)

1. Coriky: Coriky
Dischord Records

Third time lucky!

Coriky, the supergroup featuring Fugazi‘s Ian MacKaye and Joe Lally, and Amy Farina of The Evens, finally release their self-titled debut album, which has been delayed several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Having formed in 2015 this will be the first new music MacKaye has released since The Evens’ 2012 The Odds.

Jehnny Beth (credit – Facebook page)

2. Jehnny Beth: To Love Is To Live
20L07 Music

SavagesJehnny Beth releases her debut solo album, To Love Is To Live.

It’s been a while between drinks for Savages albums. We hope this solo offering keeps you all placated for the time being. We’re sure it will.

Drab City (photo credit: via artist’s Facebook page)

3. Drab City: Good Songs For Bad People
Bella Union

Got a hot one here, folks and it’s in the way of the debut album from the dynamic duo, Drab City.

Good Songs For Bad People is filled with an array of styles, not limited to dream pop, jazz and dub. Bella Union have once again unearthed a gem here – hardly surprising, for that is what they do!

Disheveled Cuss (photo credit: via artist’s Facebook page)

4. Disheveled Cuss: Disheveled Cuss
Sargent House

Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos and Big Walnuts Yonder is a busy man. This time with his new project, Disheveled Cuss, who release their self-titled debut album.

Disheveled Cuss has been described for fans of Pixies, Teenage Fanclub and Smashing Pumpkins. Sounds pretty good to us.

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The Silver Field

5. The Silver Field: Sing High! Sing Low!
Crosness Records

Coral Rose‘s The Silver Field project returns with her second album in as many years with Sing High! Sing Low!

Described as an aural postcard, the story of Sing High! Sing Low! carries on from last year’s brilliant debut album, Rooms.

Noveller (photo credit: via artist’s Facebook page)

6. Noveller: Arrow
Ba Da Bing

Remember Parts & Labour? Well, Brooklyn/ Austin-based composer and filmmaker, Sarah Lipstate, was an integral part of that fantastic collective and here she returns with her latest Noveller album.

Titled Arrow, this is is an offering with yet more transcendent compositions and sprawling cinematic soundscapes. There’s a lovely album that needs your attention here, folks, so get to it!

Gum (photo credit: via artist’s Facebook page)

7. GUM: Out in the World
Spinning Top Records

Multi-instrumentalist, Jay Watson, has plied his trade with Tame Impala and Pond, however here he returns with his fifth album under the great project, Gum.

His latest Gum album, Out In The World, is filled with yet more psych pop goodies for us all on this Friday. Do enjoy.

This week’s other notable releases:

  • SOKO: Feel Feelings (Because Music)
  • Photay: Waking Hours (Mexican Summer)
  • ELM: The Wait (self-released)
  • The Aces: Under My Influence (Red Bull Records)
  • Aidan Baker: Soil (Gizeh Records)
  • Bibio: Sleep On the Wing (Warp Records)
  • Black Orchid Empire: Semaphore (Long Branch Records)
  • Dim Gray: Flown (Grim Day Recvords)
  • Dougie Poole: The Freelancer’s Blues (Wharf Cat Records)
  • Ego Ella May: Honey For Wounds (Upper Room Records)
  • Ellie Goulding: Brightest Blue (Polydor)
  • Figg: (feat. members of Carissa’s Weird, Band of Horses) Figg (Fanatic Promotion)
  • Geezer: Groovy (Heavy Psych Sounds)
  • Golf Alpha Bravo (Gab Winterfield of Jagwar Ma): The Sundog (Treasured Recordings)
  • Healing Potpourri: Blanket of Calm (Run for Cover Records)
  • John Craigie: Asterisk the Universe (Zabriskie Point Records)
  • Let It Come Down (Kramer): Songs We Sang In Our Dreams (Joyful Noise Recordings)
  • Ladama: Oye Mujer (Six Degrees)
  • Larkin Poe: Self Made Man (Tricki-Woo Records)
  • Leah Senior: The Passing Scene (ATO Records)
  • Mondo Cozmo: New Medicine (Last Gang Records)
  • Nihiloxica: Kaloli (Crammed Discs)
  • Naeem (fka Spank Rock): Startisha (37d03d)
  • Nate Lee: Wings of a Jetliner (Adverb Records)
  • Oliver Tree: Ugly Is Beautiful (Atlantic Records)
  • Orlando Weeks (The Maccabees): A Quickening (PIAS)
  • Retro Color: Arcadian (Hitman Records, Inc.)
  • Sammy Brue: Crash Test Kid (New West Records)
  • Tengger: Nomad (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
  • Waaju: Grown (Olindo Records)





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