Used Vinyl Club present 28 Costumes, Spanish Announce Team


Spanish Announce Team at Used Vinyl.jpeg
From the ridiculous to the sublime, Getintothis’ Charlotte Hodge mixes it with masked guitar-wielding wrestlers and a band back at the peak of their powers.

Used Vinyl Club, since it’s inaugural event back in February, has offered us the perfect pop of Puzzle, Barbieshop‘s incredible three-part harmonies, Loose Moose String Band‘s ace Scouse/Americana bluegrass and the mighty return of Elle S’appelle.
Now, taking to the Mello Mello stage it’s… Spanish Announce Team?!?
Turns out Spanish Announce Team are a four (later to be five) piece band wearing wrestling masks, covering the entrance themes of the WWF/WWE Superstars from the ’80s & ’90s.
The enigmatic Spanish Announce Team address the packed Mello Mello crowd as if speaking to an arena of wrestling fans. The band are in on the joke & try to solicit boos from the crowd inciting lesser-than-great Liverpudlian characters such as Jimmy Corkhill or Ziggy from Grange Hill “…it’s LOSERPOOL!” they tell us.
The banter is almost as good as the songs; not all of which I recognise – although the Hulk Hogan ‘Real American‘ theme tune went down well with me.
Spanish Announce Team at Used Vinyl at Mello.jpeg
Spanish Announce Team make quite an entrance at Mello Mello.
Despite the wrestling bad-guy banter, as the show goes on, it’s safe to say that for the Used Vinyl Club crowd, Spanish Announce team are the good guys.
28 Costumes have been away from the Liverpool gig scene for a few years now, primarily due to front-man Chris McIntosh living away in Berlin.
Well, he is back now as are 28 Costumes; with a vengeance. And, from tonight’s performance, you can certainly tell they have missed the stage.
Opener You Excite Me sets the pace for a breakneck set of pop hits that only takes a breather once for the magnificent I’m Not Going To Get Along With Him, a quiet introspective song which, after it’s initial whispered verses, itself erupts into feedback from guitarist Tony Riley and powerful fills from new drummer Steve Carpenter.
28 Costumes live at Mello Mello Used Vinyl.jpeg
28 Costumes live at Mello Mello during Used Vinyl Club night
The title track of their new album This Band Has Eaten All Our Money (launched here tonight) is a pure pop-punk hit, the type of which the Cossies have always been masters of; full of catchy hooks which stay in your head long after it’s too short duration.

Walking At Pace Up Hill sees Chris split the audience down the middle in order to sing along with the song’s three-part harmony; the right side with guitarist Tony, the left with bass-player Graham Jones (taking a break from his day-job fronting Voo).
It’s a special moment, the whole room singing along in unison, in harmony and it’s something that 28 Costumes have a real knack for doing.
Three gigs into their nine show run at Mello Mello, and the Used Vinyl Club crew have delivered again with what was a unique and enjoyable night.
From the funny and entertaining Spanish Announce Team to the triumphant comeback of 28 Costumes, show #4 has it’s work cut out…
28 Costumes Used Vinyl.jpeg
28 Costumes memorabilia.

Pictures courtesy of Ryan Myddleton.