Alpha Male Tea Party, Dead Sea Apes, Lost In The Riots, Some Rabbits: Mello Mello, Liverpool


New Path serve up a characteristic heavy dose of audio fine dining as bands and audience alike unite in the fight to keep Mello Mello open. Getintothis’ Jayne Smith reports from down the front.

Promoters New Path brought a melting pot of emerging sonic eclectica to Mello Mello as Merseyside musos soaked up another night high in musical fusion.
Typifying the night’s ethos, the playlist spoke volumes; from Talk Talk to Fuck Buttons, through to Liverpool and Manchester new bands Muto Leo and Cleft there was a whole raft of variety for the ears to soak up.
Post-punk outfit Some Rabbits appear to have rocketed from nowhere; the three-piece opened the night with their delicious blend of electronic noise while picking up the political baton issuing everyone to sign Mello Mello‘s petition against the recent threat of closure.
Their call set the tone for the evening; a sentiment echoed by all the bands much to the agreement of the rapturous applause of the crowd.
Some Rabbits live at Mello Mello
A stand-out track was the uplifting and infectious Regret Me Not which induced a mass sing along. With new material planned next year, Some Rabbits are ones to keep an eye on.
Next up was instrumental Manchester band Dead Sea Apes, who played tracks from their EP Astral House and album Lupus.
Heavy and dark, some of their tracks unashamedly lasted up to 15 minutes and had you enthralled the whole time. With such powerful music, it’s hard to believe they’re only a trio, marrying strong bass lines, mesmerising melodies and crashing drums they’re well worth a listen.
Topping off their UK tour was Watford quartet Lost In The Riots. One thing that stands out about this math-rock outfit is their abundance of energy. Fans of And So I Watch You From Afar would not be disappointed.
Not only is the stage their domain but the rest of the room. If you’re in the audience don’t be surprised to find them suddenly thrashing beside you, forcing you to be part of the music. It is what makes their performance so enjoyable. Their timing and precision is spot on and these guys have well-honed their craft.
Talking of craftsmen, Liverpool band, Alpha Male Tea Party (main picture), just seem to get even better every time Getintothis sees them.
An electrifying performance of energised math-rock, these guys took to the stage like music mathematicians. Their sense of humour in their music and also in their on-stage presence always delights their fans.
The three-piece, who played songs from their self-titled album, left everyone on a real high at the end of the night.
The next New Path night features headliners Maybeshewill with MinionTV Gallops, Muto Leo and Kusanagi. Details here.
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