By The Sea single launch with Echo Lake, Tear Talk: Leaf, Bold Street, Liverpool


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Mixing maturity with mellifluous melodies, By The Sea launch their new material with Echo Lake at Leaf and find a new fan in Getintothis’ Jason Marsh.

We all love that over excited, weekend come early Thursday night out on the sauce.
So what better way to enjoy this tradition than another cracking evening courtesy of our friends at Harvest Sun.
All indications suggested we were in for a corker as Merseyside’s up and coming elite By The Sea treated us to their new single launch, superbly aided and abetted by a scintillating support from Echo Lake and local lads Tear Talk. Getintothis marched on down to Bold Street to take stock under the glitter balls at Leaf.
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New boys Tear Talk live at Leaf
A humble but well numbered crowd soaked up the atmosphere and mooched into the evening as Liverpool’s Tear Talk serenaded us with a cocktail of subtle progressive rock and boyhood charm.
The local four-piece displayed good promise as their set of down beat love songs contrasted murmured vocals and clean, looping riffs.
The warming crowd were lured in by a performance that drew you closer with every track. Paying homage to their shoegaze roots the quartet used long instrumental sections that made for an almost eerie sound. They are definitely an act to keep your eye on.
Echo Lake live at Leaf Cafe in Liverpool.jpg
Echo Lake live at Leaf Cafe in Liverpool
The evening changed direction to impeccable effect as a resounding Echo Lake took to the Bold Street stage.
The first thing that stands out about this collective is the superb reaching vocals of Linda Jarvis.
Her grandiose projection was beautifully layered over the genius licks of guitarist Thom Hill. Between the synthesisers and sweeping crescendos a superb overall performance was widely enjoyed by the now growing onlookers.
Echo Lake live at Leaf in Liverpool.jpg
Echo Lake live at Leaf in Liverpool
When Jarvis introduced their wonderfully delicate track Even The Blind, the crowd were grooving and shaking their heads before being left lingering as an all-encompassing musical outro quite literally lifted the roof. There are times when an act really captures the moment and the unadulterated attention of the room – and this was it.
The main focus of the evening was to see hotly-tipped Wirral boys By The Sea. Tipped by the national music media and on the back of their widely-received UK dates, they had come to launch debut single, the Bill Ryder-Jones-produced Dream Waters/Eveline.
By The Sea live at Leaf Cafe in Liverpool.jpg
By The Sea live at Leaf Cafe in Liverpool
Being a By The Sea virgin a sat on my picketed fence and the five piece showcased exactly why they are on the move. A well-structured and professional set of Wirral tales and emotional content where superbly delivered in a hypnotic fashion.
Liam Power‘s unique vocals run nicely over the top of the boys’ solid arrangement.
Mixing mature songwriting, great contrasts of pace with uplifting time signatures proved a winning mix.
In essence, By The Sea are very nearly there – a band brimming with tunes which already sound so complete and weave their way into you delicately but with maximum, lingering effect. Leaf, aptly seems the perfect venue to enjoy their choice blend – By The Sea are a band made for repeated listening.
By The Sea live at Leaf in Liverpool.jpg
By The Sea’s Liam Power during their single launch
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Pictures by Adam Edwards.