Dean Blunt set to sharpen your senses at Blade Factory


Dean Blunt looks to start all over again with a show at Liverpool’s Blade Factory.

Dean Blunt has been always ahead of the game.
Equally intriguing and frustrating audiences by shapeshifting his output throughout the Hype Williams project, switching from fuzzy indie jams before we got the hang of Arial Pink to dank grime-inflected dub music.
But as soon as Hype Williams were coming out of the shadows, with their excellent Black is Beautiful LP on Hyperdub (as Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland, not Hype Williams) they disbanded. Well, the project hasn’t finished, it’s just that there are no members in Hype anymore.
By producing music under his own name, although don’t take Blunt as a real surname, it was expected that this enigmatic individual was exposing his real self.
But as demonstrated on his three releases, The Narcissist II, The Redeemer and Stone Island, Dean Blunt poses more questions than answers.
Forlorn odes to lost relationships, Dean Blunt is simultaneously remorseful and bitter, while at the same time desperately trying to play it cool; we’ve all been there.
Where Hype Williams were defiantly obtuse with its emotions, Dean Blunt hits feelings so head on it can be an uncomfortable confessional.
It’s with this pleasure in the pain that Dean Blunt performs at the Blade Factory on Saturday 30. Accompanying his live sets are theatrical embellishments, as well as a sonic force seldom rivalled, except at Hype Williams shows.
Dean Blunt is one of the most discussed underground producers, so it’s a must see at Blade Factory to understand why.

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