Money, VEYU: Blade Factory, Liverpool


Liverpool gets treated to a double helping of the Manchester-based band inside six months, Getintothis’ Mick Everett cashes his chips.

Money’s gig at Leaf a while back was a mesmerising showcase for front man Jamie Lee’s charm and probably one of the last before then band launched their album – dragging a cat out of the romantic bag it had been nurtured in over the last few years finally.
From their early incarnation, under Sways Records, where full frontal nudity and an embrace of those indie tropes that lesser mortals couldn’t carry off, MONEY are now attracting Hollywood’s Cillian Murphy to direct their videos. The album is already in the hands of some already dedicated people too.
MONEY arrive with gifts of alcohol for their fans – who then join the singer in a hymnal tribute and acapella version of The Pogues’ A Pair of Brown Eyes to get things started. This oddity, without the band, strips away the gap between hero and crowd and is really rather touching.
They kick off properly with God Is Dead and are immediately on top form. The Blade Factory is a less cozy affair, sound-wise, than Leaf – but in its immediacy and icy reflections, MONEY cut through splendidly.
Money-live-review-Blade-Factory-liverpool 2.jpg
Money singer Jamie Lee searching for redemption. And an ATM
“Who’d have thought that he would die young / It’s a shame that God is Dead sings Lee. The yearning and longing in these lyrics is tangible even to staunch atheists and it’s both heartfelt and tear inducing for any old romantic. Followed by Who’s Going To Love You Now, these four angelic upstarts really do create a heavenly cacophony to lose yourself in.
It’s music you can’t really dance to – but their fans are trying nonetheless.
Single and stand out track is Hold Me Forever and the band immaculately present this one under the moniker: “If you hold me forever / I’ll become bored”. With only one album under their belt, it’s not long before they’re MONEY have been and conquered. The romantic seriousness about their music is married to an affable edge and Jamie Lee chatters out front to members of the crowd, like it’s part of the show.
For years now, landfill guitar indie had been burying all hope for the genre, and then along comes MONEY with the diligence, intelligence and zealous belief that certain things can and should be resurrected.
VEYU line up across the Blade Factory stage
VEYU were first up and deserve another glance. Again, another band breathing new life into genres once privy to being overused, their front man’s vocals might have gotten a bit lost at times, but the band itself were as immediate and driving as Money – sharing a willingness to address emotional longing, yearning and beauty. Keep your eels peeled for this band.
Pictures by Getintothis’ Simon Lewis.
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