We Are Catchers drop Tap Tap Tap ahead of debut on Domino Records


Liverpool’s We Are Catchers drop single ahead of Bill Ryder-Jones assisted eponymous debut due in March.

We Are Catchers have been on Getintothis‘ radar for sometime. In fact the first time we met Peter Jackson, the creative force behind the wistful oceanic dream pop was three years ago in Elevator‘s Cheapside recording studio just off Dale Street late in 2011.
A quiet unassuming presence, Jackson’s piano-led balladic pop spoke for itself – timeless and dripping in coastal Pacific melodica. His was a sound (then named simply, Catchers) in the making but such was its immediacy it’d nestle comfortable in with contemporary Mersey classics ala Mick and John Head or the vintage US staples crafted by the likes of Brian and Dennis Wilson and Arthur Lee.
Working alongside producer Bill Ryder-Jones, we were struck by his early demos It Gets Me Through and If I Fell; their direct simplicity had an undeniable nagging charm.
Push forward three years, and Domino Records has continued its love affair with Liverpool’s burgeoning music scene investing faith in the We Are Catchers project and is to release the self-titled debut album, including opening single Tap Tap Tap on March 24.
Recorded alongside Ryder-Jones, Austin Murphy, Richard Formby and Henry Broadhead. It was recorded in Eve Studios and in Peter’s house and produced by Peter, Ryder-Jones and Darren Jones. Take a listen, and be ready to be swept away.

We Are Catchers tracklist:
1. Waters Edge
2. Tap Tap Tap
3. If You Decide
4. Isabella
5. Over The Hill
6. If I Fell
7. Thousand Steps
8. Richer Man
9. Where We Are
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