Ghostface Killah makes beeline for Kazimier July date


The Wu-Tang’s MVP, Ghostface Killah, brings the classics back to Liverpool in July, Getintothis’ Adam McAleavey is all set to don his black and yellow.

Rewind to 1993 when the Wu-Tang Clan emerged from the depths of Staten Island, NYC to earn worldwide acclaim from everyone in the rap game. The nine-strong crew brought a potent mix of social commentary, comic absurdism and an unmatched manic style to the ears of hip-hop fans.
Twenty years later and a gig with any member of the Wu-Tang is guaranteed to bring a mob of raucous black & yellow devotees to the venue to witness the Killa Beez in action. On July 14, Wu-Tang fans will once again descend on the Kazimier to delve into the history of Shaolin with Ghostface Killah, arguably the most prolific member of the group.
In the past 15 years, Ghostface has established himself as the MVP of Wu-Tang, sticking to his swerving storytelling lyrical style rather than the dance floor anthems that have come to dominate popular hip-hop today.
With album’s such as Ironman, Supreme Clientele and Fishscale all at the top of Ghost’s resume – not to mention that all important guest appearance on Raekwon‘s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx and 2013’s Rise of the Ghostface Killah – it is little wonder the man they call Tony Starks is regarded as a top 10 MC of all time.

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