Bleech, LVLS: Korova, Liverpool


Bleech live korova
Like you’re music scuzzy, dark and saddled with British pop sensibilities, then Getintothis‘ Laurie Cheeseman has the band for you.

Korova has a problem; people never want to stand near the stage for whatever reason. This is not lost on Bleech either, who begin their set imploring us to move forward before they begin their delectable, mumbled drone-fest.
Swaddled all in black drainpipes and leather, they never feel clichéd either, it is more a natural extension of their inherently angst-fuelled music, despite some guitar-hero poses.
Like Lungfish at their most languid, dark, dirgey undertones underline their reverence for that greatest of decades, the nineties.
A revival appropriating the tropes and trappings of those years has been bubbling away in the underground of many genres for some years now, but where it has been noticeable has been in what used to be called indie rock. Mercifully gone are the days where indie was some blokes on stage being all arch and artsy; it’s back to its punk-infused roots.
bleach 2 live korova
Bleech performing live at Korova
And Bleech are no exception with their muddy riffs, rumbling bass and snarled vocals. Not to mention their endearing amateurishness, what with them forgetting their set-list half way through and their minimal audience interaction.
However, the most interesting moment come when their clear love for American alt-rock is subsumed by British pop sensibilities – the same sensibilities that dominate their recorded fare. That and the fudged last track; you can’t get more British than taking a small amount of pride in amateurishness, can you? That can only be a good thing.
bleech live korova
Bleech performing live at Korova
LVLS live korova
Support band, LVLS performing live at Korova

Pictures by Getintothis‘ Tomas Adam
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