Bez anti-fracking protest gig: The Lomax, Liverpool



As Bez led the latest in a long line of anti-fracking gigs in Liverpool, Getintothis’ Gaz Jones grabbed his picket sign and took in all the action.

Liverpool’s protest against anti-fracking continued at the weekend at the Lomax as a large crowd voiced their opinion on the subject lead by Happy Mondays star Bez

Bez, real name Mark Berry, is often made famous for his rock ’n’ roll antics so it’s hard imagine him for anything else, but in his new foray of politics as leader of the ‘reality party’ saw him make a speech on this hot topic. 

Informing the crowd that ‘fracking in our cities is like genocide’ he didn’t hold back at voicing his opinon on the matter with many in the crowd shouting ‘here, here’ making the Lomax feel like the host of a surreal parliament debate. 

Prior to this we saw a large singalong and stage invasion to a carnival style rendition of Step On with several of the bands who had performed throughout the night providing the vocals.