Maguires Pizza Bar serve up Short Sharp Shock as SSS prepare to melt eardrums



As Liverpool’s influential purveyors of sludge, thrash and doom, SSS, get set to play Maguire’s Pizza Bar, Getintothis’ Zac Jones prepares to have his mind (and eardrums) blown.

Staples of Liverpool’s heavy music scene, Short Sharp Shock (“SSS”) are known for several things: playing shows with a ‘pigs head’, writing a song about awful pre-pubescent moustaches and having one of the biggest and most dedicated followings of thrash fans in Europe.

More importantly though, they are renowned for their artistic credibility. Releasing consistently strong albums is a hard task for any artist and understanding when, how and what fans want is an even harder one. SSS not only manage this successfully but also exceed expectations of fans and critics alike every time.

SSS are also the brains behind Thrash Gig, which has brought to Liverpool the likes of Sunn O))) and Earth, Fucked Up, Doomriders and Gentleman’s Pistols among a never ending list of tinnitus causing, mind warping, heavy sounds.

In many ways, SSS are the leading lights in a city that has, in recent years, spewed forth a never ending river of sludge, doom, thrash and grind acts who are making big waves not just in the UK and Europe, but across the world. Not only have SSS shared stages with these bands but they have also been hugely influential.

Unlike bands like Carcass, who appear on new SSS single Dead Wood but never seem to grace Liverpool with their presence, SSS are linked to the soul of the city, either through the skateboarding culture (see video of SSS jamming with Geoff Rowley, or Foxy showing Vice around New Bird), Thrash Gig or just simply playing in nearly every shoebox Liverpool has to offer.

With a new record, Limp. Gasp. Collapse released by Prosthetic Records, SSS will be shredding the UK into tiny pieces of thrash coated shrapnel this autumn.

The band play Liverpool on Saturday 15 November, at Maguire’s Pizza Bar, with support from Violent Reaction, fellow Liverpudlian noise purveyors, Super Fast Girlie Show and Noyade.