Introducing: Dialect

Dialect – Advanced Myth

Dialect – Advanced Myth

As Dialect deliver the serene Advanced Myth this Valentines Day, Getintothis’ Phil Morris genially requites on the blissful aural pleasure we received.

Outfit frontman Andrew Hunt explores his compositional inclinations under his Dialect alias on this seamlessly arranged long player.
Yielding suspense and tranquillity Advanced Myth is a profoundly immersive journey of sophisticated music production.

Developers invites you in with a Steve Reich evoking found audio loop, which is gradually enveloped in a delightful marinade of warm horns and panned synths.

The ambiguous Hung Rose also utilises the found sound ethic; a Caribbean preacher, the football faithful and a Big Issue seller begin to suggest a sympathetic narrative against the bright motif. Evolving only as the song cascades into yet another sublime transition, as Hung Rose unravels into Teams you are at once captivated by remarkably expressive piano playing.
The Youniverse is particularly pleasurably too, not only for its considered brass arrangement, but also for its employment of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) sampling.
This binaural technique produces a tingling sensation and is in essence an audio stimuli. In the track a delicate female commentary, faintly reminiscent of actress/director Miranda July, whispers sibilance loaded nothings; that in turn replicate what can only be described a brain massage for the listener.
Gently, synth patterns and oscillations similar to James Holden‘s rhythmic duress guide you through the album’s ebbs and flows. First Breath and Waterfall End Sequence bring what has been an engaging and introspective voyage to a euphorically placid conclusion.
Like all of emergent digital label Tasty Morsel’s releases, it’s available as a free download. The net based curators have assembled a compelling collection of releases, under a tastefully branded aesthetic, since launching with instrumental soundtrack Life on Wheels: Songs to Play Tony Hawk to.
Dialect’s soothing lead track Chroma has been paired with a vibrant and hypnotising video by Liverpool visual artist and Deep Hedonia collaborator Thom Isom.




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