Single Mothers announce Studio 2 show this August

Single Mothers

Single Mothers

Getintothis’ Craig MacDonald heralds the return of Ontario upstarts Single Mothers as they descend upon Studio 2 this August.

It’s a miracle that the feral and dysfunctional Single Mothers are even still together, let alone making a return to the UK.

In what could easily be a rock themed soap opera, the Canadian group have been torn apart by in-house theft, fighting and mass sacking of members. At one point they even had two different groups running at the same time during their long saga.

Thankfully, the band managed to record the raucous Single Mothers EP with one former member deciding to upload the results and thus began the cult following that would build to the group putting their differences aside and reform. The results of the truce have been remarkable with last year’s boisterously unrelenting animal of an LP Negative Qualities providing a massive middle finger fuck you to those that doubted their work ethic.

On Negative Qualities, the four piece provide a fine example of the sneering obnoxious venom that has seen them develop an infectious quality. The condescending Womb and snarky Marbles proved just as frantic when they blasted the citizens of Sound City this year with lead singer Andrew Thomson sounding like some booze fuelled ringmaster hybrid of The Streets and The Replacements. Filled with frenzied drumming, lo-fi fuzz and punk heavy riffs, they scorch their performance into you like a hot coal.

When Single Mothers ride into Studio 2 on 27 August it will not be with a murmur but a screaming juggernaut announcing their arrival. It will be a raw, bloody, pulsating monster of a show and one which should be cherished, as you never know what might happen next in the chapter of this unpredictable animal.