Introducing: Del Florida

Del Florida

Del Florida by P:M Photography

Rapidly gaining a name for themselves with their fusion of complex sounds, Del Florida’s contrasting moods send Getintothis’ Craig MacDonald into a hypnotic reverie.

As the leaves change colour and herald the sights and sounds of a new season, the distinctive delights of Del Florida are a welcome gift that Autumn brings to the ears of Getintothis. The four piece have been garnering acclaim through their jazz-fused post-rock hooks that are mind bending to say the least.

With music rich in contrasting moods of charred, sun-soaked chords set against ethereal vocals, their off-kilter workings are highly addictive. Featuring both Stephen Fitzpatrick and Leela Dawson from Taws, the two combine with the other members of the group to reveal more psych character than is apparent in either their other band or, indeed, in Dawson‘s solo work.

Their latest offering is the delightful In Sleep. If Mars Volta had binged on a volume of Beach Boys enriching hits then you are getting close to where Del Florida could be. The quartet can easily take you off into a dream-like state of mind with their blend of lush vocals and intrinsic riffs.

Although this has at times been seen as a side project by Dawson and Fitzpatrick, from the reception their live shows have been receiving, we hope that we get to hear more from the group in the future.

Del Florida play Zanzibar on Friday October 16.