Feral Love: Into The Fire

Feral Love

Feral Love

Feral Love emerge from the ashes of Liverpool band Bird with the evocative organ-laden taster Into The Fire, Getintothis Peter Guy is left swooning for more.

If you’ve gotta end something, it’s always good to end it on your own terms.

And in gloriously-fitting style, that’s how Liverpool quartet Bird closed their burgeoning career back in November 2014. With national press, a superlative EP and at the very peak of their live performance powers, a band who appeared on the cusp of something special saw outside forces aligning against them – and they took action with immediate, and sudden effect. An end.

Fast forward just over a year, and driving force Adele Emmas and long-term creative partner, Christian Sandford, are back – with Feral Love. And the early signs are hugely promising. The haunting characteristics of their previous outfit remain but there’s an experimentation and studio craft which shows just how much the duo have been learning behind closed doors.

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In what is almost certainly a nod to David Bowie‘s death, the band’s debut video and track, Into The Fire, begins with the words, “Written and filmed on 11/01/2016 – the day we realised our mortality.” That was the Monday the world learnt of Bowie’s death.

Adele’s vocal is once again the focal point, but, as shown in the video, there’s a dual organ-keys trade off as an incessant off-kilter hook deadens proceedings like a lead weight. Married to the final third’s vocal howl and grumbling keys swell the effect is pure knock out.

Watch the fruits of Feral Love below and for updates on the band, see here.