Introducing: Rant Casey

Rant Casey

Rant Casey

Rant Casey delivers some serious power techno for all you dance heads who like electronic music with a bit of an edge, Getintothis’ Ste Knight has the lowdown.

We’ve mentioned before about the beauty of SoundCloud, and how it will regularly drop hidden gems in your lap if you use it often enough. Well, the streaming service has delivered again, foisting the relentless beats of Mancunian techno prodigy Rant Casey into this writer’s auditory sphere.

Taking his name from the protagonist of Chuck Palahniuk‘s RantBuster ‘Rant’ Casey, our young producer delivers some seriously twisted techno mayhem in his productions. The tracks available on his SoundCloud account premier music which exhibits similarities with big names who operate on the harder side of techno, the likes of James RuskinDave Clarke, and Speedy J being some examples for comparison. Some of his song titles mirror the ferocity of his music – I Hope You Have a Shit Time, Cunt, being one.

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With its hornet’s nest synth buzzing around a classic Detroit beat,the track is infectious and totally dancefloor-ready. Peak time anyone? Yeah, this is it. The cacophony of sound Rant creates in this particular production is somewhat reminiscent of LFO‘s Freak, so you get the idea – it’s pretty brutal (in the best possible way).

Rant‘s (not that much more) recent offerings are altogether more melodic affairs, although they still retain that same gritty edge whilst maintaining the Motor City sensibilities that techno is so well known for. His latest track, She Smile, is a gloriously dark, brooding track which would sit perfectly in any warehouse set – the pulsing, throbbing bassline offers classic hands-in-the-air moments, with hissing top-end and some nice distorted vocal snippets. Boss.

Check out She Smile, below.




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