Sheafs, Life at the Arcade, Denio: EBGB’s, Liverpool

Sheafs 2018 EBGBS

Sheafs 2018 EBGBS

Sheafs took to the stage of EBGBS last night and GetintothisAmos Wynn saw why they are such a highly rated upcoming band.

Sheafs say they are ‘thriving off every minute’ of their debut headline tour, with each gig going down well.

Tonight they walked onto the stage playing Chicago Overcoat, with an early electric guitar solo setting the tone for what would be a powerful gig.

The band’s set list contained songs with heavy guitars, fast drum beats and aggressive lyrics. Front man, Feenstra, excelled with his powerful vocals as well as his charisma and interaction with the crowd.

The band have released two singles so far, This is Not a Protest and Mind Pollution. The latter was played early on in the night and was greeted with the start of a huge mosh pit, with even Feenstra joining in.

Sheafs 2018 EBGBS

Sheafs 2018 EBGBS

The band’s relationship with their fans made this a special gig. It had everything, from TV set props being passed around the audience, to Feenstra jumping to the centre of audience and crowd surfing across the venue.

They also played their upcoming single Shock Machine, which is due for release on the 20th April. The band describe it as a ‘firecracker’ and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

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Their final song of the set was their second single. A board featuring the songs title was  passed around the room, with everyone in full voice singing along to the track. Like rest of the night, it was simply electric. The passion from both crowd and band was incredible.

As the song came to an end, it was greeted by chants of ‘one more song’. Sheafs happily obliged, adding an unplanned encore to the set, playing one of their old songs for the first time in two years.

The support acts for this gig were Denio and Life at the Arcade who both provided excellent entertainment for an already full EBGBS audience. These two bands certainly helped to create a great atmosphere for the main act.

Sheafs 2018 EBGBS

Life at the Arcade 2018 EBGBS

The night as a whole was scintillating, Sheafs produced a night of rock ‘n’ roll that the whole of British music is screaming out for, the band are confident it can return because it always does.

If British rock is looking for a band to bring it back into the mainstream, then look no further than Sheafs. From a lively crowd, to the guitarist in the mosh pit as well as fantastic music, makes for a night that won’t be forgotten quickly.

Photos by Tomas Adam