Best photographs of February 2020: Fatoumata Diawara, King Nun, Psycho Comedy


Liverpool’s Fuck The Tories rave – Warren Millar

It’s been another bumper month for our shooters to get out and about in Liverpool, here’s the Getintothis pick of the photographic bunch for February 2020.

Our bread and butter is gigs, and music in general.

But we would like to think there’s more out there to keep us on our toes.

We mentioned last month the launch of one of our latest columns The Comment. The latest instalment by Rogerio Simoes is a cracker. He argues we all need cultural references – the Billie Eilish song for the next James Bond film, for example.

It may not be your specific taste, but its been played pretty much everywhere by now and it gives us a shared experience, something to talk about in the pub or moan about over coffee.

There is a danger of going down a rabbit hole into your own little world of YouTube videos or a Spotify playlist that you’re the only one who’s ever listened to it. Shared experiences are important and glue us together as a society.

That’s why gigs are so valuable. Festivals, perhaps even more so.

The festival is a classic shared experience, a place to meet people (who you may or may not have met before) to swap ideas, suggest which band we should see next, who not to miss and who to swerve. To gather with like minded people and, for sure, have your own experience. But do it with others of a like mind.

13 Questions with Paul Rafferty ahead of his new Doomshakalaka project

In other news, we have a new addition to the Liverpool gig scene in the form of Q U A RR Y, which is welcome and will be a journey we shall watch with interest. On the down side, we reported the demise of The Gallery on Stanhope Street. Both venues pushing boundaries and ground breaking in their own way.

One starting off and the other finding it was all too much.

It just shows how precarious this arts and culture business can be. And it just rams home the point we need to support these ventures, for if we don’t, then they will be no more.

And then there really will be nothing more to share.

Anyway, if you fancy getting involved with our merry band, drop us a line on Facebook, or email Peter, our Live Editor at [email protected].

Enjoy the gallery.