David Crosby to reissue all four CPR albums


David Crosby

Ex-Byrds legend David Crosby sees all four of his CPR albums re-released. Getintothis’ Will Neville has all the details.

David Crosby‘s albums, including two CPR albums, the self-titled studio debut from 1998 and 2001’s Just Like Gravity, are being reissued on CD by BMG on July 21.

They are also being made available digitally on May 15, alongside the other two full-lengthers, both live albums.

CPR formed in 1997, being Crosby and his son, keyboardist James Raymond, alongside Jeff Pevar, who had previously undertaken guitar duties for the likes of Carly Simon, Wilson Pickett and Phil Collins, as well as Crosby, Stills & Nash.

Crosby is of course a founding member of The Byrds, being dismissed in 1967 during the making of their classic fifth LP The Notorious Byrd Brothers, resulting in a horse featuring on the cover in his place.

He then went on to even greater global success alongside Graham Nash, Stephen Stills and (sometimes) Neil Young, before launching a solo career in 1971 with the classic If I Could Only Remember My Name.

After recovering from drug addiction and troubles with the law, he then had to deal with a liver transplant before forming the jazz-influenced, harmony-heavy CPR.

Sleeve notes for the two CDs are from Steve Silberman, who hosts the intriguing Freak Flag Flying podcast with Crosby.

Crosby has said, CPR was me finding my son James and realizing pretty quickly that he was an even better musician that I was, and that he was rapidly becoming the best writing partner I’d ever had.

I don’t think very many people heard these records, and I do think that they are some of the best work I’ve been involved with. Enjoy.”





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