Unknown Pleasures #212 BLOXX, Kid Dad, Grand Pax


Grand Pax

With lockdown life remaining as unprecedented as ever, Getintothis’ Claire Cook gives us three great new artists to provide a much needed dopamine hit.

What day is it, anyone?

It’s hard to believe that we’re already in June, roughly three months since we got plunged into a new lockdown lifestyle.

In some ways, it’s flown by.

Entire months seem to have passed in the blink of an eye, but somehow April also feels like years ago. I’m sure I’m not alone in being affected by this weird lockdown limbo.

But, with restrictions lifting to allow six friends to meet in the park (just in time for weeks of rain), and the reopening of non-essential businesses looming in the coming days, my eyes have been glued to the news and my brain is still trying to wrap itself around exactly what an R number actually is.

Whilst the world outside is constantly changing, and nothing seems set in stone anymore, one very welcome constant has been a steady stream of great new music getting released.

There is no distraction quite as welcome as sifting through lots of new tunes and discovering gems.

So whatever you’re in the mood for today, whether it’s a song and a dance, or to sit in the dark and brood, hopefully we’ve got something for you to dig into.



Birthed from a group of “Wetherspoons survivors” and old college friends, BLOXX have nailed the art of the feel-good tune.

Between pouring pints, the female-fronted London three-piece were relentlessly gigging, and their hard graft has paid off.

Touring with the likes of Sundara Karma, Pale Waves and The Wombats, and releasing their debut EP through Chess Club, the same label that launched the career of Wolf Alice, the band are getting all the right attention.

Their latest track Thinking About Yourself has a very ‘new Paramore’ sound, punchy and upbeat. Mammoth guitars and Fee Booth’s strong vocals make this a song you’ll want to sing along to when life just isn’t going your way.

One of their earliest tracks, Your Boyfriend, is softer and heartfelt, and feels like a confessional of unrequited love.

BLOXX’s sound is both unique and pleasantly familiar. With dreams to become “that huge indie band”, it seems they’re going the right way about making that a reality.

Their new album, Lie Out Loud is out August 14 via Chess Club Records.


Kid Dad

Kid Dad

If, like me, you’re a sucker for something just a little bit emo, give Kid Dad a listen.

So far, the German four-piece have been seen touring with bands like Fatherson, Taking Back Sunday and Marmozets, and it’s easy to see why they’re being chosen to support such big names.

The range this band has is impressive, with their latest release A Prison Unseen being loud and riff heavy, whereas their late 2019 track Naked Creatures is softer, and takes more of an indie slant. Sometimes, when listening to their tracks, it’s hard to believe you’re listening to the same band each time, yet each style they lean into works perfectly for them.

Their debut album In A Box is due to be released August 21 via Longbranch Records, and is said to have been fuelled by plenty of songwriting trips to England, Switzerland and China, as well as plenty of time spent in Berlin.

If their new release is building upon the style they’ve already crafted for themselves, Kid Dad’s debut is set to be a belter.


Singles Club #240

Grand Pax

North London’s Grand Pax has a talent for taking melancholy, throwing in a beat and somehow making something beautiful.

Her voice is soothing, and her songs are stripped back and simple. Close your eyes and listen to her 2018 debut single, Comet, to instantly enjoy the feeling of being wrapped in a blanket of calm.

Her latest release One Of Us came at the end of last month, and is the second track to be revealed from her forthcoming EP PWR, due for release June 26 via Blue Flowers.

One Of Us is a pretty simple track about the link or bond between two people,” Pax explains. “You see how, when you are super aware of somebody, when they move you move. and how maybe you just can’t get on the same level, or find the right space to exist in.

Grand Pax’s hazy music is perfect for the nocturnal amongst us, or just anyone desperately looking for serenity in these weird, weird times.