Singles Club #240


Yaeger & Oscar Scheller

As some of us start to take our first tentative steps back out into the real world, Getintothis’ Claire Cook serves up some not to be missed tracks to soundtrack the week. 

Well, what a week.

With everything that is happening in the world right now, I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I’ve felt more emotions in the past week or so than I have in some years.

As many of us have, I’ve spent the majority of my week reading the news, signing petitions, and dedicating my energy into becoming more educated and informed.

The media blackout we took part in alongside the music industry was the perfect opportunity to do just that.

And whilst there is still a lot of important work that has to be done, and will be done, taking a couple of hours away from social media to provide the Singles Club for this week was a pleasure.

This week we have some big tracks, in sound, and also in length.

Not to spoil it for you, but one of the tracks this week is over 10 minutes long (sorry).

It’s well worth it, but you have been warned.

So buckle up, settle down, and make sure you’ve got enough food and drink to get you through.

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Single of The Week

YaegerNosebleed (ft. Oscar Scheller)

Swedish singer Yaeger has released the perfect “low-fi R&B love song for those kept apart in lockdown”, alongside producer Oscar Scheller, who has worked with the likes of Lily Allen and Charlie XCX, the track was finalised whilst in lockdown.

Introducing the track, Yaeger said “Have you ever found a picture of an old friend wondering why you’re not friends anymore? ‘Nosebleed’ is about the ones you lost track with, and you wish they’d pick up the phone and give you a call. But so could you.

This will definitely tug on the heartstrings of anyone feeling the strain and tension that can come with maintaining relationships in lockdown. Yaeger’s soft vocals blend perfectly with the plucky guitar, looped drum beat and light synth, making Nosebleed a wonderfully mellow, laid-back track.

If you’re having a hard time with lockdown, I’d perhaps consider giving this one a miss until you feel a little better. This is a song to reach for when you feel like lying in the dark, staring at the ceiling and feeling a bit sad. But we all need one of those in our arsenal, right?

Rival ConsolesArticulation

Articulation is the title track and “album centrepiece” of Rival Consoles’ forthcoming album; it comes in at a whopping 6 minutes and 30 seconds, this tune deserves the time it takes up.

Sometimes it’s a challenge to find things to say about electronic music, particularly when there are no vocals to focus on, it’s not hard for tracks like this to get quite boring quite quickly. But the constant changing pace of Articulation keeps boredom at bay.

Quite dreamy and synth-heavy, Ryan Lee West aka Rival Consoles explains that the track “is about articulation and playfulness with shape and time”.

Whilst it’s not a tune you can sing in the shower, if you have a workout playlist (can’t relate), make space for this track on there.

Chemikal Underground Records
Mogwai, Delgados, Arab Strap the story the Scottish indie label


Even though Minotaure is brand new and shiny, there’s something incredibly nostalgic about the sound of Stockholm four-piece Initiates’ latest single.

Not in a bad way, either.

The track is full of distorted guitar sounds, which when combined with Andreas Lagerström’s deep, distinctive vocals, makes for a track that feels very reminiscent of 90’s alt-rock.

All in all, Minotaure is a fun, easy listen. If the rest of Initiates’ upcoming debut album Esoteric Pop follows the same pattern, then it’ll definitely be worth checking out.

Roll on 4 September!

Les Big ByrdRoofied Angels

Strap yourselves in for another long tune.

Roofied Angels by Les Big Byrd is 7 minutes (I know, stay with me here) of twangy bass, a lot of drums, and infectious fun. The track comes from the Swedish band’s EP of the same name, due to be released June 26.

Fast-paced, slightly psychedelic and more than a little bit chaotic, Roofied Angels is a lot of sound. But all of those sounds are the right ones, and they work together as the perfect ingredients for a killer tune.

If you’re a sucker for a good guitar solo, like I know I am, you’ll have a field day listening to this.

Delta MaidYou Better Run

After a 9-year hiatus from the music industry, Liverpool’s Katie Foulkes aka Delta Maid is back with her new album, Katie, out today.

Delta Maid’s most recent single, You Better Run, taken from the album, places her uniquely soulful vocals at the forefront, and rightly so. Stripped back, simple and serene, this is a song that can be played on repeat.

As soon as the sunshine graces us with its presence again, this track is the perfect accompaniment for a hazy afternoon sunbathing. And after a quick listen through her new album, it’s safe to say I’ll still be listening to her music well into the winter months.

Hopefully, Delta Maid’s return to music this time around will be more permanent, as another 9 year wait for more music would be criminal.

Bent ArcanaThe Gate

Taking first prize for ‘Long Songs in Singles Club’ at a whopping 10 minutes and 17 seconds is Bent Arcana’s new track The Gate.

The track comes from Bent Arcana’s self-titled debut LP, due for release 21 August, described as “the first interstellar transmission from five days of electrified & improvised sessions recorded at Stu-Stu-Studio, edited down to 40 minutes for your earballs.”

The improvised nature of The Gate keeps the track exciting and unpredictable, whilst still somehow remaining cohesive, and allows for each of the 10 talented musicians working together on this piece to have their own time to shine.

As someone that feels fear down their spine at the thought of having to improvise anything, The Gate is a perfect showcase of all the skills I wish I had and sounds great doing it.

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Alain JohannesFree

Taken from his forthcoming third solo album, Hum, due to release on 31 July, Alain Johannes’ latest single Free is a musical embodiment of peace and serenity.

Accompanied by a video of beautiful, empty desert landscapes, which is incidentally what I visualised when I closed my eyes and listened to this track for the first time, this is a song to reach for if ever in desperate need of a few minutes of calm.

Following his diverse musical past, from his rock band Eleven, and collaborations with the likes of Queens of The Stone Age and PJ Harvey, Johannes’ current music feels like it’s the product of a reflective state of mind. Speaking of Free, Johannes said “It comes from a desire to let go of where I’ve been. Honouring it but not burdened by it. Making my steps into the unknown lighter”.

The simplicity of this track, with just Johannes’ vocals and a guitar, makes it feel raw and vulnerable. But that is what makes it such a pleasant listen.

BananagunThe Master

Melbourne based Bananagun have delivered sunshine infused pop single The Master, taken from their forthcoming album The True Story of Bananagun.

Speaking about the track, band leader Nick van Bakel said “The Master is kind of about evacuating yourself from the absurd but typical life of working your arse into the ground for someone else and how no matter where you’re working or how high up the ladder you are in that world, there’s always a person up higher bossing you around or someone you’re trying to please”

The Master is fun and upbeat, and full of electric riffs that are sure to get you moving. The accompanying video just highlights further the track’s message of breaking away from the norm, and having a good time doing it.

The StreetsI Wish You Loved You As Much As You Love Him (ft. Donae’o & Greentea Peng)

Mike Skinner has released I Wish You Loved You As Much As You Love Him, the second track to be unveiled from his forthcoming mixtape None Of Us Are Getting Out Of This Life Alive.

This is a summer club song. Knowing that Donae’o is the king of UK Funky music – match made in heavenSkinner said of the track. “Greentea Peng was the perfect foil for this, her melodies are unique and she’s wicked.

A Summer club song is definitely the way to describe this track. It’s energetic, with a beat feels built to be blasted out of speakers, and I’d heavily recommend turning this up loud if you’re going to give it a listen.

Following not far behind the release of ’ collaboration with Tame Impala, this track proves further why the July release of the star-studded mixtape is so highly anticipated.


TTRRUUCES have provided Summer in a song with their new track I’m Alive.

After being used as the soundtrack for FIFA 2020, traction gained around this song fast, with fans charging to social media in search of its official release.

It’s not hard to see why people were so desperate to find I’m Alive, as it acts as an antidote for the grey day, lockdown blues that I’m sure a lot of us are feeling at the moment. Play it loud and dance along, and it won’t take long until you’re feeling better.

The upbeat energy is undeniably contagious, and the accompanying music video is a charming, animated depiction of better days we’ve all got heading our way. Think rollercoasters, trips to the beach, and road trips in the sun.

I’m Alive is 4 minutes of much-needed optimism.

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Fantastic NegritoHow Long?

Double Grammy Award winner Fantastic Negrito has released How Long?, the latest track to be taken from his forthcoming album, HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND YET? due to be released 14 August.

The track confronts those behind school shootings, police brutality and other acts of senseless violence. Negrito holds a mirror up to society at large and asks “why have people become disconnected from humanity, and how has our current culture become a fertile environment for this behaviour?

Fantastic Negrito has created a song that is raw and emotional, bluesy and soulful. This track, and the video released with it, is incredibly powerful, as is the statement that it’s making.

Given what is happening in the world at the moment, this is the sort of art that we should be consuming right now.

Ego Ella MayGive A Little

South London songwriter and vocalist Ego Ella May has released Give A Little, taken from her upcoming debut album Honey For Wounds.

Produced by Eun and Melo-Zed, with instrumentation from Grammy Nominated Jazz Trumpeter, Theo Croker, this slow track is all about reflection and looking back at the past.

Ego explains that “Give A Little is about being sick of your own sh*t, and hoping something will give and it will all make sense”, which is a sentiment I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I can relate to slightly too much.

Jazz-leaning and with beautifully written lyrics, paired with Ego Ella May’s smooth vocals, make this track a listen that is very easy on the ears.