Polyphonic Spree to spread their gospel in Liverpool


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Yes, it’s true, 22-strong harmony army to roll into Liverpool’s east Village Arts Club in June, Getintothis’ Luke Traynor spreads the word.

Will 22 singers manage to cram onto the compact East Village Arts Club stage, allowing for wiggle room for their God-like white capes?
Such must be the logistic headaches for the Liverpool venue when the joyful Polyphonic Spree carnival rolls into town.
With performers ranging in number from 13 to 27, since they debuted in July 2000, the Spree have settled on a two football team-strong tenors to deliver their latest LP offering, Yes, it’s True.
Eleven new Spree tracks escaped into the ether last August ranging in scope from the upbeat opener You Don’t Know Me to the weighty denouement of Battlefield.
Fans hoping for more angelic soundscapes on a par with Soldier Girl and Light and Day/Reach for the Sun will be glad to digest many critics opinion that Yes, It’s True is leader Tim DeLaughter‘s strongest work, lyrically and musically, to date.
Getintothis recalls fondly a sultry Glastonbury Sunday afternoon (yes, they did used to exist!) with the choral ensemble gushing out their addictively joyful pop-gospel as we lolloped around like happy Watershipdown rabbits in the grass.
New record’Yes It’s True embraces drum machines, but traditionalists who like a dollop of orchestration can be reassured that the harps, cellos and French horns are still as much a feature of the Spree’s gospel preaching as ever.
LeDaughter says of his new more hi-tech leanings: “I always enjoy a date with my Linn drum machine. Once I set the mood and tone I go from there in terms of songwriting.
It’s really not a coincidence since drums were my first instrument as a kid.
My first set was made out of Baskin Robbins empty containers. Later on I was in a rock band in 9th grade and they kicked me off the drums; I was replaced by someone much better at drums. I was bummed but they said I could sing. That’s how it started.
The disciple will be delivering his latest parable at Liverpool’s East Village Arts Club on Thursday, June 5. Peace be with you.

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