Viper Kings with Dave McCabe & Coral’s James Skelly join UCG and anti-fracking District gig


Former Zutons guitarist Paul Molloy assembles stellar line up for protest gig at District, Getintothis reports on the hidden environmental danger just off the Merseyside coastline.

The revolution may not be televised, but it is showing in your district.
Well, at District to be precise. On April 19, a gaggle of Merseyside’s finest will come together for a Fight UCG & Fracking gig, hosted by Milk:Presents. Brought to the stage by ex-Zutons and The Big House guitarist Paul Molloy and The SundownersNiamh Rowe and Fiona Skelly, the night is set to be a cracker.
With performances expected from Molloy‘s new rock & rollers, The Viper Kings (who will be joined by special guests Dave McCabe and The Coral‘s James Skelly) The Sundowners, Ian Skelly and his band The Serpent Power, new Domino signing We Are Catchers and Edgar Summertyme – it’s the whacked out Scousers’ big night out.
A campaign and petition is underway, as Molloy and his fellow protestors attempt to stop a development known as Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) from digging in such much loved Merseyside beauty spots as West Kirkby and Hoylake.
It came to my attention a few months ago that amongst the controversy and general public furore over fracking, another sinister development was under way in Merseyside,” says Molloy.
UCG is a process in which gas is extracted from coal seams underground by injecting the seam with air and partially burning it, then piping it to the surface with similar drilling technology as shale gas.
The process creates huge carbon emissions relative to the amount of useful energy generated and produces a wide variety of toxic and cancer-inducing compounds, such as benzene and toluene.
In the case of Merseyside, it has came to light that UCG company, Cluff Natural Resources, have obtained two, five year conditional licences to dig in the Dee Estuary – which is rich with coal beneath the sea bed.
There has been no public consultation on the matter and the danger and implications of this to the health and well being of the people in the area, the natural environment, the food chain, wildlife and property value is terrifying.
The only benefit is to the principal company shareholders and investors and politicians and is purely financial.
We are staging this gig in a bid to raise awareness and gain signatures and supporters in opposition to this.
In essence, a gig which we should all stand up and take notice of – something, in this hyper-kinetic digital age is something of a rarity.
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Ahead of the gig, listen to three new tracks from the Viper Kings‘ songbook.

Full gig details.
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