Black Bombaim, Mind Mountain, Henge: Mello Mello, Liverpool


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Black Bombaim head up a trio of riff-mongers at Mello Mello, with fine IPA coursing through his blood, Getintothis’ Mark Greenwood kicks back for a night of whacked out Portuguese grooves.

It’s a particularly loud and raucous night in Liverpool as Getintothis scuttles down Wood Street on the way to Mello Mello. A quick one in The Swan is needed to calm the nerves and wet the whistle for what could be a heavy night, despite a dependable juke box being subsumed by chequered laughter and the cacophonous chatter of a sizable stag party. Nonetheless, a Full Brazillian restores the senses and we continue the brusque walk to Mello.
It’s a relief to see familiar faces and we soon grab a pint and settle into the dank yet snug splendour that encases pumprot rockers Henge. The Londoners are expectantly as heavy as fuck as they pound through a selection of doom laden hardcore interlaced punk attitude.
Aesthetically, the band hit the right spots and burn plenty of energy while the frontman appears intent on confronting various art-works scattered about the venue with vehement punk angst and stoner vitriol. Getintothis quickly subscribe to this band and Henge deliver a solid utterance that has the heads nodding a beer glasses raised in approval. We hope to see them back up North soon.
There’s a good atmosphere and plenty of bodies around tonight as we sup a lovely IPA and loiter outside on a humid evening that bubbles with mysterious vapours. This is perfect preparation for Mind Mountain who take to the stage with unfamiliar new haircuts.
However, this doesn’t distract from an especially racy set seaming with hard stoner grooves and fastidious fret-work. At top speed, Mind Mountain are quite sublime, negotiating heights akin to King Crimson, interspersed with epic, prog posturing. The band deliver new material that pleases an enthusiastic venue, possibly recording the loudest and most boisterous reception ever heard at Mello Mello. We do hope these Liverpool lads have a busy summer and look forward to any forthcoming material that could potentially fire them into stoner rock folklore.
It’s a shame then, that despite a busy evening, a lot of punters seem to have drifted away from the venue before Black Bombaim even plug in to their formidable stacks.
We can’t imagine why or where a percentage of stoners would vanish to as the endearing Portuguese lads unravel a compelling set of rhythms that shimmer in a mirage of Hendrix guitar and growling bass. While there’s nothing especially innovative about Black Bombaim they deliver a haunting drone full of light and shade, inspiring moments of beauty and escorting a still sizable crowd through a psychedelic labyrinth of intricate stoner sambas.
The band have a worthy back-catalogue and we’d implore any readers to check out their latest Far Out EP that could be a fitting soundtrack to the inevitable happenings that emerge in proximity to the forthcoming Liverpool Psych Fest.
So, a decent night with a special nod to Märc Glaysher and David Smyth for providing an interesting alchemy of exotic stonerisms and let’s hope that the decent crowd encourages them to dabble further in the curation of a contemporary psych pulse. Now, where did I put my Afghan coat?

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