10 Bands 10 Minutes brings Boy Bands and Girl Bands to the Kazimier

Boy Bands (And Girl Bands) Come to The Kazimier with 10 Bands 10 Minutes

Boy Bands (And Girl Bands) Come to The Kazimier with 10 Bands 10 Minutes

With the penultimate 10 Bands 10 Minutes at The Kazimier, Getintothis’ Emma Walsh reflects on why the Boy Bands and Girl Bands theme is the ideal theme for Saturday night.

It is a great shame that every notable event this year must be book-ended by another mention of The Kazimier’s regrettable closure but the fact remains and looms over us, a dark cloud overshadowing every Kazimier ‘last’. It just goes to show how central the Wolstenholme Square club has been to Liverpool’s music scene in recent times, the nerve centre for every eminent cultural event in the city.

And this month, the penultimate 10 Bands 10 Minutes graces The Kazimier stage with a suitably nostalgic theme, Boy Bands/Girl Bands.

Now, the highbrow among you may not quite like to see the names of Take That or Girls Aloud muddy the waters of the 10 Bands 10 Minutes Hall of Fame; sullying the legend of previous idols such as Fleetwood Mac or Blondie, but what better way to party on a Saturday at the end of summer?

Reliving the glory of our own salad days when life, like pop music, was pure and simple (Hearsay reference intended), before we had to grow up and get jobs or degrees or mortgages and lose whatever beautiful naivety we were born with, before our favourite band split up and our crush, whose glistening torso and toothy grin had plastered our bedrooms walls, came out and broke our young hearts.

Because our favourite bands do split up, you only have to look at the recent furor over One Direction’s announcement to be plunged back into the deeply personal despair you yourself once suffered when Geri Halliwell left the Spice Girls, or Gary Barlow spoke those infamous words at the last press conference, or for this writer, discovering, through the medium of Live and Kicking, that after weeks of rumours, 5ive were calling it a day. Devastation.

But it is a terribly cruel lesson we must learn. Things do not last forever, bands split up, our idols fall from grace, clubs close down. And life goes on. We develop more mature tastes, discover new bands, and become besotted with the next Adonis in ripped Levis. It may not feel like it right now, but something else will fill the big Kazimier sized gaping hole in our lives. 

In the meantime, we’ve got the possibility of Married to the Sea re-imagining the classics of Sugababes, Big Safari reinventing McFly and Beach Skulls breathing new life in ‘N Sync. Who knows where we’ll be watching the next 10 Bands 10 Minutes but in the meantime we can relive our youth with the help of The SwapsiesJennifer Davies and She Drew the Gun.

Also performing our favourite guilty pleasures at The Kazimier 10 Bands swan song on September 12 will be ScarletPuzzle, Pardon Us and Man in the Dark. As ever, Gold Soundz will be filling the dance floor into the early hours so make sure you’ve got those synchronised dance routines down.

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