Shift Work – exclusive GITmix:003

Shift Work

Shift Work

Getintothis’ Ste Knight introduces the third installment of our GITmix series, provided by London wünderkinds, Shift Work

You may well remember our introduction to Shift Work not so long ago. Since we brought them to your ears, however, their rise through the electronic music world has been nothing short of astronomical. The two London lads have been bombing about all over the globe, performing sets in the likes of Berlin’s Berghain amongst many others.

As a self-professed DIY duo, Shift Work have produced some stunning analogue bleeps and clicks, created, as they say, using a bunch of ‘mid-price synths’. However they cobble their studio together, though, matters not a jot. The music that results from their working together stands alongside the likes of Autechre and even, perhaps, Venetian Snares in his Last Step guise, as some really masterful electronic fayre.

Check our first GITmix here, from House of Black Lanterns

The pair has enjoyed a number of successful releases – including one on JD Twitch‘s Optimo Music label, and a further, more recently, on Houndstooth (providing both a single, Document II, and a track for the Tessellations compilation, Hard Currency) – so you’ll see the two are really flying at present.

Here’s our second GITmix, courtesy of DJ, Steve Parry

For this exact reason, we couldn’t resist getting them on board for the third in our GITmix series. What a treat we have for you here. For fans of the likes of Aphex Twin, pretty much anything on the Skam label, or the more leftfield side of dance music, this will be right up your alley.

Top quality mix here, with plenty of out there tracks to keep you on your toes from artists such as Female and Devo. Get all over it, below.