Best music photographs of March 2019: 6 Music Festival, Threshold, Granby Winter Garden


Granby Winter Garden, by Chris Flack

It’s been another cracker of a month for music photography, Getintothis’ Peter Goodbody sorts through the best imagery on offer.

By its very nature, Getintothis is chiefly a music based website. Hence the name.

But that’s not all we cover and we’re very much keen to spread our wings to embrace culture in whatever form it is to be found.

On hearing of the opening of the Granby Winter Garden we sent our man Chris Flack down to have a look and see what was happening.

His piece was a natural follow on to the report we ran in 2015 after multi disciplinary collective Assemble were given the Turner Prize for art, much to the surprise, but approval, of all concerned.

Looking through the March archive, we see Getintothis staff wrote about Mothers Day, new literature, the restoration of Lister Drive Library, music documentaries, music education, politics (Brexit, natch), and plans to transform the Canning Graving Dock.

And that’s only in the last week of March. We’re sure you’re as capable of surfing through the archives as well as we are.

But in among all that is the steady flow of gig reviews. I’ve checked the spreadsheet and I see we covered more than 50 gigs in March, including pretty much everything from the BBC 6 Music Festival as well as Threshold in the Baltic Triangle.

Personal highlights were Bleib Modern in Sound and Dead Naked Hippies in the Jacaranda. Proving once again my oft repeated mantra that the best stuff isn’t always in the big venues.

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We try and cover as many bases as we can. We don’t always get there and there are plenty of gigs, events and happenings that slip through the net, simply because there is so much going on.

That this is the case is testament to the rich and varied offerings there are to be found in Liverpool, not to say elsewhere. We try, but there are not enough of us to go around.

We have a new Arts Diary editor in Rick Leach and Cath Holland does the monthly Wrapped Up in Books column. Others dip in and out and contribute as and when they can on whatever subject is bugging them at the time.

And then there are the photographers who try and bring a bit of colour and life to the pages of this website. And with that, enjoy our pick of the pics from March 2019. Peter Goodbody





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