Low: Liverpool Anglican Cathedral – who’s next to deliver songs of praise?


Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral was the spectacular setting last night as Low delivered a unforgettable sermon, Getintothis ponders who else could deliver divine inspiration.

They say it’s all about the music. In this day and age, it really isn’t. You can put a tremendous artist on in a fine gigging setting and still struggle to attract a decent crowd.
Liverpool music fans know this all too well.
However, one place that’s bucking the trend is the quite magnificent Anglican Cathedral; the fifth-largest cathedral in the world provides an almost unparalleled music experience, one which artist, promoter, crew and fan can’t help but feel privileged to be a part of. And of the many superlative shows we’ve seen there, you can always guarantee a sell out.
This year’s corkers have included notable Mercury omission, Daughter orchestrate something special in the Cathedral’s Well before Liverpool Sound City laid on a two-day special including Noah & the Whale, TOY and The Walkmen.
Meanwhile, one of Getintothis‘ favourite moments of the festival was watching Loved Ones and By The Sea revelling in the majesty of it all.
Last year, was no different with Rhys Chatham‘s A Crimson Grail for 100 electric guitars and eight electric basses providing something truly biblical.

It’s certainly proved food for thought, who’s next for this remarkable Merseyside stage? How about Talk Talk reforming to play Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock back to back? Or perhaps Funkadelic unravelling an unholy version of Maggot Brain?
Jason Pierce and his army of disciples would be something truly Spiritualized, while Godspeed You! Black Emperor could surely find no better setting. While we’re being completely fantastical Kanye tearing through My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and seguing neatly into Yeezus would take some beating.
Predictably, we’d opt for His Royal Badness, Prince delivering a epic masterclass of hits and closing with an apt rendition of The Cross. Best start praying.